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Not that this is important, but I thought it was cool

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I have had my Optoma HD70 for probably 5 years now and while I've had INFINITE problems with overheating and emergency shutdowns, I thought i would just share with everyone that I'm still on my original bulb and at 3977 hours, I'm about to pass the point of double the expected life on this thing! I've had an OEM replacement sitting here for like 2 years waiting for the original to go and so far, it's holding up. They may not know how to keep a color wheel cool, but I've gotta say, Optoma must have some pretty good bulbs. Either that, or the one that came in mine is just a monster *cuts to a scene of the bulb blowing at 3999 hours*
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That is cool.
I have an HD70 also and my first bulb was at about 2500 hrs and never had an issue. I had a backup bulb sitting there and I threw it in to see how much brightness I had lost. To my surprise the brightness was not that much greater on the new bulb.
Now the second bulb has around 1000 hrs and going strong and I have a used backup.
I have never had an issue with the hd70 at all and I use it in the theater room and 6 times a year for outdoor movies.
In my opinion Optoma makes a good reliable projector although sadly when I upgrade I am going with a different brand only because im not going to pay extra for 3d.
It seems you have to accept 3d if you want to move up the product chain with optoma.
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If you've never had problems with your HD70 you must be the luckiest person on this planet! They are TERRIBLE for overheating. Mine started doing it at just 1200 hours! I had to take the whole thing apart and clean out the fan that cools the color wheel. I had to keep doing it more and more frequently until finally that wasn't enough to keep it cool anymore. Since then I've had to gradually get more aggressive with my cooling techniques using an 8" clip on fan. Every time I find a new way to make it stay just cool enough to function about 2 weeks goes by and it starts messing up even with that fix. Right now, and this isn't a joke at all, I have the case completely apart and the 8" fan is literally face down on the motherboard blowing across the bulb and color wheel. Even like that, I have to take the cardboard shield loose from around the color wheel to promote better cross flow. That's incredibly risky cause the color wheel is intensely delicate and costs as much as a refurb whole unit. So, basically since this thing was 7 or 8 months old I've had to fight it to remain functional. Optoma customer support was no help and they want 160 dollars just to look at it and try to diagnose the problem at the repair facility. It's a known and documented problem with the public, but they don't choose to acknowledge it when you ask for help or try to get them to fix it for you.

Anyway, I've heard Epson has beyond incredible tech support and really stands behind their products. They recently released a 1080, bright, highly rated 3D projector that comes WITH 2 pair of 3D glasses that are quite expensive on their own, for only 1600 dollars. If I were you, I'd go that route. There are plenty of reviews from people on this site about that unit, I just can't recall the model number right now
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I had an HD65 blow up at 2800 hrs, had a BB black tie warranty (wouldn't go that route now but it ended up being a good choice) and they gave me the full credit for a comparable model. I had to argue some to make them realize a business projector wasn't "comparable" but in the end got credit for a GT700.
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wow, thats a lot of issues, I guess I must have got a good one.
The Epson you speak of is a 3010 or 5010.
They are slightly out of my price range and besides they are LCD and I prefer DLP.
Epson does have great service though.
I just ordered the Mittsubishi hc4000 yesterday.
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Well, I'm currently at 5279 hours and this original bulb is still going! About an hour ago it started flickering down to very dim and I'm not sure if that's an extension of the color wheel issues, the bulb finally failing, or maybe a new issue :-/ Regardless of what's happening, I'm stunned at the age on this bulb. I have lost a noticeable amount of contrast and when I'm using it to search the web I often have to look over at my computer monitor to find things like search bars and shaded boxes that don't show up at all on the projector anymore. I think in a couple days once I get through some heavy classwork that's ahead of me I'll take it apart, clean it, and most likely put in the new bulb. It would be nice to have a backup AND have a brilliant image. I'm looking forward to it, assuming this dimming issue isn't from something else.
Happy projecting, everyone.
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