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I went to to figure out screen and riser height for a friend's new project.

He wants to use a 133" diagonal rear projection screen in 9x16 HDTV format (116" wide by 65.25" tall) with a 16' by 24' room size. The screen will be on a 16' wide wall with plenty of space behind it for the projection room. He wants to have the screen 27" above floor level so he can use better loudspeakers mounted in-room below the screen, and so the riser height for the second row will not be too tall. He wants people to step up to the second row of seats in one step, not two. Ceiling height is 9 feet, so 27" plus the 65.25" screen height puts the top of the screen at 92.25" (7.68') above floor level.

Floor to bottom of screen 27"
Height of seated front row viewers top of head 42"
Height of rear row viewers eyes 36"
Screen to front row viewers eyes 14'6"
Screen to back row viewers eyes 20'
Riser height 12"

Would this work OK? The screen he is using, the Blue Ocean, has a very wide viewing cone so he should have no problem with that screen height. He is using Berkline recliner chairs, their 45043 model, two rows of four chairs per row.

Comments? Suggestions?