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Projector placement (Electrician) and floor plan - Help please

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I am in the process of finishing my basement. Framing has just finished and my electrician is pretty much done with everything except......

Except where to put the outlet and box for the projector in the ceiling. I have 9 foot ceilings before framing. My problem is that I havent decided on a screen or projector. I haven't even decided on a sectional yet. However, I do have alot of room to place the seating. My dilemma is that my electrician wants to know where to put the outlet or electrical for the projector but I am not sure where exactly it should go and what if I need to move in closer or farther to get the best picture?

I have attached the plan of where the screen would go. I could place my seating any where within about 13-15 feet I think. I dont want the wiring showing and what if I have to move the projector forward or backward 3 inches or one foot? to get the best throw for my projector and screen?

I am considering the 8350, but really dont know about a screen yet. I am looking to stay within 2k or so and was thinking 100" or so for the screen though I am having a difficult time deciding on that too.

Any thoughts or comments on what to tell my electrician to do so i can hide the wires and have it mobile to move in case picture is bad? Is there a general placemnt to put it? Or do I really need to decide on projector and screen beofre telling him what to do?

Be mindful that at about 12-13 feet my ducts/soffit start and go for a few feet. He can still get the projector there its just a bit lower on the ceiling.


I can send pictures if that helps to see it.
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If you don't want the power cord (I'm assuming that's what you mean by "wiring") showing, you're going to have to know what size screen and what projector you're going with, as well as where exactly you plan on mounting the projector. Without knowing this, the best you can do is choose a generic location for your outlet, knowing there may be a power cord running from the projector forward or back possibly several feet.

I wish I had some sort of "one size fits all" answer but unfortunately the variation in throw ranges amongst projectors alone is enough to cause significant differences in mounting positions; add variation in screen size on top of that and you're looking at a very, very large range of mounting distances.
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Thank you.

That's what I was afraid of.
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Neither of your two photobucket links are working for your pics. Probably the most important decision you must make is what size screen are you going to use. If you use, for example a 120 inch (diagonal) 16 x 9 screen (i.e. with a HDTV standard 1.78:1 aspect ratio) then projectors such as those from Epson and JVC need a minimum of about 12 ft. from the front of the lens (i.e., not to the position of the ceiling mount) to the screen (i.e., throw distance). In that case you could have the power outlet and the HDMI cable coming from the ceiling in the range of perhaps 14 ft. from the screen and this would support mounting the projector near its shortest possible throw distance for this screen size. If for example you use a 20% smaller screen instead, then the min. throw distance will be 20% less or if you use a 10% larger screen then the min. throw distance will be 10% greater. Be aware that some other brands and models of projectors require a longer projector-to-screen throw distance than the Epson and JVC projectors. The BenQ W7000 is one example of these as it requires just over 14 ft. as the minimum throw distance for a 120 inch screen.
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Your Projector Mount / 110 issues are easy things......what you real problem is your trying to make a effective 100' diagonal "AT" screen, get a decent mount assembly (Chief RPA 168 and Peerless ACC570), the Projector, the HDMI cord, a dual male 110 ac Bridge Line from PJ location to the equipment......

...all for under $2K.

There are sources for AT Screen material (...but none are cheap if worth a damn...) and you have to build a decent Frame...so there is that additional expense.

Seems to me you need some specific guidance in all this, and also to make some pragmatic decisions on several fronts.

If you want to focus on DIY-ism, come over to here and post a Thread and you can get all bases covered.
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