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Do you regret your expensive motorized shades?

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Being new to motorized shades, I was naturally shocked when I got the quotes. I can't imagine anything else, though, for our living room which will also be used for home theater.

I am curious if you have expensive motorized shades, and owned them for a while, do you generally feel that they were worth it? Would you buy it again if you had to do it over, or use simple draw string shades or a cheaper fabric or skip the fancy RA2 automation? Or is the motorized automation and facy fabric one of the highlights of your enjoyment of the room?
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I have eight 10' tall roller shades in my living room. I too was considering the motorized option but that quickly went out the door when I got the quote. I haven't regretted the decision to go with the manually operated chains.
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Thanks Glenn. That's one of the decisions I'm struggling with. If it had pull strings, would we actually use them, or leave the shades in one place all the time.. In this room, where we are positioned on a hill, the whole neighborhood can see us at night, but there is also a nice view during the day. I'm afraid with manual shades we wouldn't actually bother to open it for the view, or remember or care to drop them down at night. Some of the plantation shutters we have on other windows have been in the same position for decades, and thinking about it now, some of those have a nice view we're not taking advantage of.
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Here is the thing.. if you want the view or the light, you will open them even if they are manual. If not, you won't, even it it is only a touch of a button...
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Since these things are so expensive, have we researched electrically operated opaque glass panes? Not as cool as mechanical shades but u won't have any unsightly hardware to contend with and no operating noise.
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Or automated with an astronomical timer? Sometimes we walk by the windows: "oops I forgot I'm in my pajamas and the whole city can see us" forgetting that we removed the old drapes. I'm thinking this wouldn't happen if the shades automatically lower as soon as it gets dark, and then rise back up in the morning for the view.

MrBobb, electrically operated opaque glass panes sounds like an excellent idea to consider. I didn't think of that. Although our windows are rather large from floor to ceiling covering the entire wall and I have no idea where to look for suppliers for that to get a demo.
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I was in the same boat as everyone posted here. I recently read that Lutron has entered the automated window treatment market, so I got some samples in the mail. I haven't ordered anything yet, but I'm considering giving them a shot once my build is complete. Check out the Lutron Serena series. I have a link below:

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