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It looks like my old HD 4870 is starting to fail and so looking for a new card, what would be the best to get currently?

I currently have an ASUS P5Q deluxe, Q6700 cpu, 4gb ram and looking for a quiet, low power consuming card that will do LPCM/Bitstream HD audio.

I've been looking at a Sapphire RADEON HD 6670 Ultimate, which looks to tick all the boxes but as the new 7000 are out, anything better than this card?

I do sometime game but video quality is most important to me!

What about Nvidia cards are these better for HTPC than ATI cards?

Currently run through an Onkyo 806 (getting an 876 delivered on Monday so this will change) to a KRP-600m display monitor.

Thanks for any recommendations!