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Blu-Rays with good music surround soundtracks?

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Well my Panny 220 can't play DVD Audio or any of the niche digital audio disc formats that never panned out.

So I'm looking to try out discs which may use HD or lossless audio with music.

Just looking around Amazon, there are some music videos and concert discs which have DTS-MA sound tracks. A couple of them are operas so I wonder if the surround channels are rendering the ambience of the performance venue (one is at the old Arena in Verona so it would be a stage surrounded by people, I would imagine).

I'm not sure though that live performances have the best capture of music. Maybe some high-tech studio would be better-equipped to record with more capable equipment.

Then again, even with just ambiance, maybe a live concert is really the best use of multichannel music content?
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This thread focuses on concert discs.

Most often tracks are mixed with the audience and ambiance of the music in the surrounds; others will such as NIN - BYIT will use the surrounds quite prominently for the music rather than ambient bleed.

I do not know of many music only releases aside from Pink Floyd's - Dark Side of the Moon in multichannel on BR, which is the same mix found on the SACD and it takes wonderfully complete advantage of 5.1

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The BD version of dark side also contains a 4.0 version, the original mix by Alan Parsons.
same with Wish you were here album. on BD.
Then we have the Jethro Tull BD Aqualung thats incredible
Roy Orbison- B&W Nights on BD at 96khz!
I could go on, Return To Forever

Eagle Vision has a sampler BD at amazon. It was 91 cents at one time. BUt can be had for a few bucks.
The last to mantion is the Cream reunion that was on HD DVD also.
The sound the discs have is great! Most at 48khz, but it's still clear and present just as dvd audio.
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The Norwegian music label 2L has a line of "Pure Audio Blu-ray" BDs with multiple lossless format audio versions of each track, e.g, "SOUVENIR" by TrondheimSolistene (link), to be released in August 2012. Also note that graphics and pictures 'down the page' suggest a novel 'center of the orchestra' microphone placement for this particular concert.
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Interesting. Will 7.1 automatically downmix to 5.1?
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