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do WMC remotes have return to last channel?

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do WMC remotes like these 2 I link to have return to last channel?

like if I start at channel 8 then press channel 75 can I press
return to previous channel to go back to 8?

I'm concidering these remotes so far.

Thanks for advice
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You hit the Enter key, the one down next to the 0 (zero) key.
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Hello Bryan what about this remote I don't see the previous channel or a enter near the zero.
Thanks STB

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I don't know about that remote. You said you had a Harmony 700. Why use anything else?
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Bryan I have the Harmony 700 and it's been a expensive joke since I've had it

like one day (in a blue moon) it works fine the next few days it acts up I press more help butons on this thing than I would if I had a pile of remotes only advantage is I have the Harmony in my hand and it's allways my powered sub that does'nt have a 12V turn on trigger (I think when the experts at LT set up my sub they messed it up some way).

also I'm at my limit of 6 devices.

I maybe getting rid of one of my farorite DVR HDD recorders (that I don't use anymore) then I'll free up a spot for new device. I haven't had a chance to thoughly look over all the key stroke functions of a HTPC looks very interesting

haven't even tryed out the key strokes w/ my WiFi keybroad).

the HTPC is a major change some for good some not so, not even sure I like HTPC compared to SD recorders either way I have a excellent desktop I'm very impressed.

the ?s I post about a MCE remote is because I mayby reduced to 2 remotes

Bryan my pririoty is to have picture in picture and be able to
preferablley swap PIP my new TV won't do this.

so I am reduced to thinking what channel am I on w/ the primary channel (my SD HDD recorder that dosen't have previous channel) see I have to think what is the swap channel.

I think I need the 2250 Haupage that has a dual tuner but like I say I am still way confussed if I can even swap PIP channels I've got some research to do.

Thanks STB
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You can't do PIP with your HTPC or other devices. Most PIP requires a direct TV signal from cable or antenna. Depending on your TV you might get PIP using one of your TV's inputs for one picture and another one of your TV's inputs for the other. That means you could get one picture from a DVD player and another from the HTPC. However, I wouldn't expect that to work since most TVs don't work that way.

Dual tuners on the TV tuner card can't send dual video signals to your TV to process for PIP.

Not sure why you have so much trouble with the 700 unless you are trying to use the myharmony.com site for programming. I'd delete all the activities and devices and start from scratch.
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