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Guys, I hope I chose the right place to post this. I made an earnest effort.

I have a couple of questions.

Here is my situation. I want to buy a second display. It would be mounted upstairs in our bedroom 99% of the time. We will occasionally be taking it downstairs to the main floor for special occasions (like super bowl).

I am looking at a Samsung 55" UN55D7050XFXZA.

Our bedroom is 13' 6" wide and 13' long. We have a vaulted ceiling where the peak runs perpendicular to our bed. We have a ceiling fan that hangs down about 20-24" and is mounted center of room. The vaulted ceiling rises 24" over 6' 6". I calculate this to mean my vaulted ceiling angle is a little over 17 degrees.

On the wall opposite the bed (where are heads are), we have 2 doors that go to the closet and bathroom. The vault in the ceiling starts about 1' above the doors.

Question 1: What kind of mount can I get for the ceiling that angles up? I have seen ones for mounting on a vertical wall and they angle down up to 10 degrees, but I need one that angles up close to 30-40 degrees. A name of the style and where the best place to get it is appreciated.

Question 2: I wouldn't have mentioned the display except for this question. Will that display provide a flexible viewing angle so that watching it is reasonable while lying down or sitting up in bed? Side to side viewing angle shouldn't be a problem since I plan to mount it straight in front of us, but I am concerned with up and down angle. Should I be?