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before i had a simple samsung HT and samsung TV, when i wanted to watch TV i would use the TV speakers and when i wanted to use Boxee Box i would switch to HDMI 1 and use my HT and the HT would take over for sound and this was one all on one remote without button massing to get it to work.

I bought a LW5700 3D TV and the Onkyo HT-S3400 and having major issue getting it to play nice all on 1 TV remote (LG Remote). HDMI CTRL (RIHD) when set to auto will turn on/off the AVR and the volume also works and when you go to TV (cable TV) the AVR changes to TV/CD which is prefect and all audio comes from the AVR. The issue now when you go to HDMI 1 using the LG remote you see nothing and now must use the AVR remote to switch it to HDMI 1 (BD/DVD) on the AVR. Its weird when you press TV on the LG remote it switch both inputs correctly on the TV and AVR. When you want to use an HDMI input your forced to use the AVR remote to switch.

Why does it work for TV but not HDMI?
Is there a way to stop the AVR from changing inputs without disabling HDMI CTRL (RIHD)?