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Am I getting correct information from Cox?

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Recently, when my Cox Communications cable service realigned some channels, I lost HD service to some key sports channels I enjoy. I receive the audio stream, but not the video. This problem only happened with the channel changes (moving HD from 700s to 1000s channel numbers). First a little technical background on my equipment.

I have a circa 2004 Mits CRT "big box" set that uses a cable card. I have had all known software updates to the card. Call me stubborn, but I believe when you purchase a TV, you shouldn't have to rent a outboard tuner for the rest of your life... However, that's another rant, back to the reception issue...

After replacing my one-way cable card, and trying to get a two-way card to work, the technician now says that it is a native format issue with my set... he explained that the sports channels in question are delivering their signal in 720p...and he says, my set can only display 1080i.

OK...maybe...but I know that the local Fox station transmits in 720p as does the local PBS station, and there may be others...I get their pictures just fine.

Am I getting accurate information? Naturally, I'd like to continue to use my cable card rather than having to rent a "box."
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Unfortunately, renting a box is really the only way to go. If you don't want to do that, you can buy a Tivo, or buy a cablecard tuner for a PC.

As far as your box goes, 2004 is fairly outdated in technology age. I wouldn't doubt the box just can't handle the SDV channels the cable company is providing you.

As far as the 720p/1080i question, that depends, can your set actually accept 720p and 1080i? Over component or hdmi? Is the box actually outputting 720p?
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The problem has nothing to do with 720p but probably switched digital video which can not by received on one way cable cards. The hardware for your 2004 set will not support two way cards. You can use a two way card but it will only work the same as a one way card. If Cox is using switched digital video you will have to get a cable box or go without some channels.
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Thanks for the ideas AVSers...let me add a little informatiion and respond to a few things. My "ancient" set is a Mitsubishi WS55615. I actually bought it based on recommendations posted here on the AVS Forums. It still produces good looking pictures.

It just dawns on me today that the technician's statement that those 720p channels won't work because my set is native 1080i is totally bogus. I've had the set hooked up to an OTA antenna and have received stations transmitting in both 1080i and 720p.

The switched digital could be the issue...but I've known about the CableCard issue with switched digital for some time...the set just doesn't even recognize the channel number at all.

This is a strange problem...on three consecutive sports channels, all of which use 720p HD, I only get the audio, no video. I have no problem on any other channels.

Thanks, in advance, for any further thoughts.
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I have a 2005 Toshiba HDTV and Time Warner Cable. I had it connected with a cable box and directly to cable so I could use picture in picture. For a time period in 2005 to 2006 I had the same problem you are having. I could get audio but not video on certain channels. As Time Warner moved channels around the problem would come and go. At one time I could get video but no audio. It did not have a cable card so I was dealing only with channels in clear QAM. The problem eventually went away and later I moved the TV to another room and am now using only the cable box. Sorry but I don't have a solution and I doubt the problem is switched digital after I reread your post.
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