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Verizon Customers: Home Control System Full of Bugs

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Verizon Automation & Monitoring Not Smooth Sailing
By Grant Clauser
Customers are reporting a slew of glitches with Verizon's home control and monitoring system. Is it too buggy to succeed? Here's a look at some of the complaints.

The home control and automation market can breathe a little easier because it looks like Verizon won't be taking over that business.

Over the past several months Verizon has been rolling out its basic home control and monitoring service to FiOS users across the country (not available in all locations yet).

When Verizon announced the service as an affordable, DIY, alternative to professionally-installed control and security systems, some people the in the control and installation business were concerned. Well, we've seen these off-the-shelf systems come and go over the years and for the most part they remained a small niche for people who knew what they were doing and were willing to live with a few glitches. However, when you buy a system and a service plan from a huge company like Verizon you expect it to work, right?

Apparently things aren't quite rosy with the new rollout. According to the customer comments, the problems vary from network issues to incorrect device alerts. In one instance the system kept changing the user's temperature without being authorized to do so and also kept sending alerts that a closed and locked door was open.

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Not exactly unbiased. Here are some comments that I gathered from the EH story.


This is all very consistent with EH stories I've read over the years. EH is afraid of the DIY market and will not publish about it except to bash it. EH does not understand that many consumers cannot afford the expensive custom-installed options out there, but us poor folks still deserve the chance to try more affordable DIY systems.


Is that press release email valid as well or should they just go directly to you? I know of a several that will not bother - they are so frustrated that they no longer believe that EHPublishing actually represents consumers anyway but rather solely represents paying advertisers, dealers, and installers. Hopefully they'll be proven wrong.
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I have a very elaborate ADT Pulse system which is working perfectly - I am on ADT maintenance program so my maintenance cost is miniscule for this system.
I have Crestron system in my Theater and it is very expensive to upgrade as I have to call our a programmer every time I change anything..
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