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Security Camera Question - RG6 only camera?

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We recently had a theft and I'd like to install a simple surveillance system, one or two cameras.

When building our home, I pre-wired for a satellite dish that we never installed. The location is ideal for a camera, but has no power or cat5 and no way to get it there.

Is there a camera that gets power and sends the video signal on just coax? Or as an alternative, are there cat5e to coax converters that will convert both the power and data signals?

Any help is appreciated.
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This is what I use for my surveillance setup.
EnConn Power over Ethernet extender It's designed for IP camera to run over coax with power injection.

I have 3 of them, so far all work well.
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Thanks for the info!

Do you have pricing info? I e-mailed the company but have not heard back. Did you order direct from that link or find it elsewhere?

Also, the two connectors on the POE side look to be COAX connectors. Is that correct? If so, do you just use an adapter for conversion to Ethernet?

My assumption is any IP camera with RJ45 connection will work with these, correct?

EDIT: It looks like these units, from the site you linked, may be what I want if I use it in conjunction with a DVR security system with IP cameras powered by the DVR's ports. Sound right?
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I bought mine couple years back. Can't remember the pricing.
They used to sell direct in US.
It looks like they now have US Distributor.

The one I linked earlier, they provide special cable that has coax on one end, and Ethernet on the other end.

The one you linked has Ethernet port already. No need for special cables. This is actually better as it is compatible with IEEE 802.3at

I'm not sure how it will work with a DVR, as I use NVR with power injector for IP surveillance purposes. You might wanna give the distributor a call to find out the details.
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You probably have the wrong type of coax for this to work anyway. You'd really need to have a proper CCTV coax which is BC center conductor and 95% BC braid to even hope that you could run power over it. In your case, you are likely looking at coax that was run with CCS (copper-clad steel) center conductor and 40% aluminum braid. Neither one is a great conductor.

Also, if anyone is reading this in the future, note that you really want to run a coax with a BC (bare copper) center conductor up to any possible Sat installations. CCS is sufficient for cable TV or antenna.


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