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stucco wall mounting

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One of my own first actual thread and really could use some insight from you pro's out there.

Project: wall mount 70in sharp on wall

Obstacles: there is a thin layer of textured drywall over a stucco wall. I imagine the wall was once an exterior wall and has since been enclosed. To save time and cut corners they just used a thin drywall over the stucco, and textured it.

Question: what would be the best method to mount the tv?

I have a nice stud finder but I can not locate the studs through the stucco behind the drywall. Anyone have some recommendations other than demo the existing wall and piss my wife off in the process.

Oh ya wife is out of town for 5 days if that helps.
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If u have wooden studs behind... use a fine drill bit (1/16 or finer) and make exploratory holes and eventually u will find the studs... standard studs are 16" apart. Filling back small holes is the eziest thing.

The bit should take no more than an inch to punch through. If at any time ur feeling drilling into something harder than wood and plaster, back off, there may something there u shouldn't be drilling into.
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If you are drilling into stucco, you need to use a masonry bit. Stucco is considerably harder than drywall or interior plaster. You may also run into metal lath.
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70 inch TV? Use a sledge to find the studs. 70" TV will cover the holes.
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right on thanks for your input.
Heres the plan:
Other side of wall is regular dry wall. I found the studs and will send pilot holes through the other side of the wall with a masonry bit on each side of the stud. After that I will again find the center point and then drill through the stucco for the mounting of the tv. Hows that sound?
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Sounds like a plan.
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Do you have power behind the TV?

Replace the outlet with a large recessed TV box:


Will give you plenty of room to explore the stud cavity, and make sure the stucco is thick enough to support the mount and TV. You may also be able to add blocking above or below the cutout, to support the heavy TV and mount.

Lots of recessed box options available, in all sizes.

Edit - this is for after you've figured out where the studs are located.
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Thanks again for everyones advise. I got the monster mounted into 3 seperate studs, I purchased 1/2 in longer lag bolts to accomodate the stucco space. Everything went up really well. I will have to post a pic of the finished work.
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