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3dVision to projector and surround to monitors - cabling question

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I have a HTPC in my office / gaming room. Its got 2xGTX460s and a 2500k i5. I'm using it to drive the following:
Projector in my basement thater: Gt700. 3d works brillianlty, currently connected HDMI
3xmonitors on my desk via DVI. Surround work billiantly

I have a denon reciever on my equipment rack that I have setup with 7.1 in my theater. Was thinking of running 2nd channel output audio to my office.

Whole system is controlled flawlessly by a whole house Mx810 and rf reciever units.

I would like to be able to not have to unlug my HTPC/Gaming/Whatever you wnat to call it computer from room to room. But I can't figure out the best cabling/swithes/etc to make it all work.

I could buy a mass of monoprice cables and swithces and trial and error it but was hoping for some advice.

Here is my thought, anyone think it will or won't work:
Computer location: leave in office; Connections:
1. GTX DVI to 3 monitors
2. Intel motherboard HDMI: 75 foot cable to reciever (for audio)
3. GTX DVI to VGA: 75 foot cable to projector (HMDI is also possible, but more expensive and not sure 75ft can handle 720p120hz)
4. USB: 75 foot active USB extender to home theater for 3dvision and usb kb/m
5. Wirer keyboard / mouse in office
6. 2 new speaker wires and bookshelf speakers in my office for gaming or use my headphones (and have to swith audio output)

Will I be able to have all those connections active? I think each GTX460 can drive 2x connections at a time. Can 3D vision work with 3 other Surround connected? Can surround work with a projector attached (pretty sure this one will work). Can you output just audio over the hdmi out from motherboard?

If the monitors or projector are off does the computer auto detect correctly? It seems to detect the connector not the power state?

Is there a way to use eventghost or something to have 2 "profiles" one for gaming one for theater?

Any imporvements to the above connections? I could move the PC to the equipment rack but then would have to run 3 video cables + audio + USB +cat5e to my office which seems like a lot of 75 foot cables.
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Did a bunch more research.

Seems like I cannot have the projector and the 3 monitors hooked up at the same time so I think I need a switch

I think using the builtin hdmi on the intel board to the AVR will work for audio.

If I use switches for all 3monitors can I flip all 3 to make it swithc between modes? anyone know?

I'm starting to think there is no good solution.
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You may want to check the forums over at WideScreenGaming since those guys are all about running multiple monitor setups.....

PS: 75 foot run of HDMI you're going to need an amplifier, have you factored that in? HDMI runs begin to flake out at around 30 feet or less.....also, with this kind of expenditure you're running, why not just pop for a second computer, put it on your lan, and let one of those pc's act as a media server. If you want to game, you could dual-install the software on the second box and just keep all your game saves/profiles in 1 location...

Just throwing out options rather than going cable crazy...
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