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i was able to sneak a look through the vents, both seem to be samsung panels. maybe it's jut a software update. very curious...
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Well, my TV just went snap crackle & pop.....I thought it was going to explode off the wall. It has power & sound but the screen is nothing but snow.

Tech coming out in a few days as its under the 12 month warranty. It was simple to setup the support call......BUT I guess you get what u pay for.....oh well I went cheap as it was only for a bedroom. I'll spend the extra couple hundred next time & get another Panny.
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Curious to see what failed. I only use mine for about 10 hours straight every two weeks when we have grandkids. Mostly used for Xbox ans Wii.
No issues.
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Tech ordered PCB Y & PCB X....also ordered main board......said protocol requires him to replace these first b4 they replace the panel which it might be.

He's gonna swap Y/X.......if no go then the main.....if that doesn't fix it he will order a panel which will take 3 weeks for the part.
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Tech didn't even open up the TV.... Just looked at the issue & ordered the most common parts that fix the issue......to be continued.....
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That pretty much sucks. The Tech should have had these parts with him if that is the next common repair step.
I would think just replacing the TV would be less expensive.

Did the Tech say how often he has worked on this TV?
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Tech replaced all 3 parts.....still the same issue....they are giving me a new TV.....2-4 weeks. lol.... Good thing I had an old 37 inch laying around. He says he's seen this particular RCA crap out several times.
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Old thread here, I bought a 50" RCA plasma Jan 2013 at B.B. new in box clearance for $359.00 (great price for a NIB 50" plasma) it's a discontinued model, works good no issues,excellent picture says made by On corp on the back.

I've not had the back off so not sure what's in there but I imagine it probably has Samsung stuff in it like the OP's set. it does have 4 HDMI inputs though so that's OK looks decently made.

TCL was making the RCA sets for a while but terminated the brand/trademark licensing agreement so they could expand TCL brand in US .

not sure who actually made this one On corp is listed as a South. Korean company but the set was made in China . so looks like ON corp. found an alternative manufacturer.
RCA brand and trademarks are owned by Technicolor .S.A formerly Thompson S.A. and Sony Music Entertainment.
On January 27, 2010, Thompson S.A. changed its name to Technicolor, re-branding the entire company after its American subsidiary.
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