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Mozart 3D Music Album/AIX Records

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It's been almost two years since we shot and began work on the Mozart Blu-ray 3D disc that has finally become available (It's really difficult to make these things!). But it has finally arrived and those that have received their pre-orders are thrilled. You can check out the video on Youtube or at the AIX Records site...but I'm really excited about this release.

On email I received called it the "Holy Grail" of audio/video projects and "the best 3D I've ever seen". There's more in the pipeline.

The Old City String Quartet (winner of the 2010 Fischoff Chamber Music Competition) performs the Clarinet Quintet, a String Quartet and a Horn Quintet. Wonderful playing and wonderful audio/video capture in full surround and HD.
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I just rec'd this and it's another home run, congrats!

The 3D looked quite nice on my Panny plasma but it also looked just fine in 2D. In fact, for a minute I thought it was a 3D-only release based on the cover artwork, but I also did spin it up on a PS3 and it played fine in 2D.

Of course, the real selling point of the release is the music/recording and it delivers. The performances are wonderful. The clarity of the mix (instruments placed in an inverted U shape around the listener for the "stage mix") is startling and I quite preferred the drier ambience for this recording. Very nice room tone that complements the instruments.

The disc is also chock full of other goodies I haven't gotten to yet - Looks like there are 96/24 stereo FLAC files as well as 320kbps MP3s and a 2-channel headphone "surround mix" at 48/24.


Oh, and I was able to get it to play without a monitor easily in my dedicated listening room which has a projector I rarely want to run while listening to music. Just one or two clicks of "enter" on the remote and I was off and running!
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It is a very nice disc. I don't have 3d display, so just enjoyed the 2d aspects, but the sound and detail were gorgeous. Can't wait for more.
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