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Hey guys, I need to buy a home theater system due to i just bought an Epson 8350 projector for my bedroom and now i need to add sound. I have about $300 left over to spend on some sound. I was reading some threads here and came up with a small setup. I wanted some advise from experts before i buy anything.

This is what I have and want to hook up to my projector:

DVR Cable Box (HDMI)
Laptop (HDMI)
Desktop (HDMI)

This is what I am thinking of buying to add sound to all of my devices...

Denon AVR-1612 for $215

Monoprice 5.1 Channel Home Theater Satellite Speakers & Subwoofer - Black $84.10

100ft Speaker wire $18.98

is this the best setup i can get for around $300? I don't need anything fancy for now. just something nice and simple that i can output sound through due to i can not use the projector until i get some sort of sound system.

also do i need some sort of plugs or adapters to attach to the end of speaker wires after i cut them?