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Active Displays - Headaches?

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I read the differences between passive and active displays and still can't make up my mind (LG vs Samsung). For those who have experience with active displays do you really get headaches after several hours of viewing?

I have not seen seen many reports of headaches with passive displays.
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I don't think there's much evidence that active displays give people more headaches than passive. 3D itself can give people headaches for a number of reasons such as eye muscle imbalances, or the need to focus on the plane of the screen but move your eyes as if you're looking at different distances. However, these are all temporary and headaches and eye strain tend to go away with more exposure to stereoscopic 3D as your eyes and brain get used to it.

Some people will say that they got headaches when they had an active display, but less so with their newer passive display. It might make sense at first to blame the active display, but you shouldn't forget to factor in having had more time to get used to stereoscopic 3D itself. Passive displays are relatively newer and less likely to be someone's first experience with a 3D TV. There's also more 3D content available now than when active was the only option, so people are also more frequently viewing 3D, which itself would lead to fewer headaches.

I had tons of eye strain when I got my 3DS. I've never had eye strain with my active DLP projector. But this doesn't mean glasses free displays give me eye strain, it's just that the 3DS was my first significant exposure to stereoscopic 3D.
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Watched active 3D almost all day on Sunday and no headaches here! I chose active because passive 3D halves the resolution, and on the TVs I looked at in the store I could see scan lines that reminded me of my old CRT! With active you can see every detail. I don't notice any flickering either, except when looking at the LED displays on my equipment with the glasses on.
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I have an active 3d projector setup and have never seen "flicker' or have any of my viewers. My eyes do get tired after watching 3d for a while whether it's active or passive. I think "flicker" only affects a small amount of people, maybe they have bad eye vision or they want to convince themselves that passive is better. The only way I would recommend a passive set is if you can't afford active glasses, but they are cheaper now for low as $25-$35.
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