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Hello everyone,
I just picked up a panasonic PT-56LCZ70 for next to nothing. It works great and supposedly the lamp was replaced very recently. It was owned by a college student who actually took good care of the screen but didn't dust it very much and the vents in the back have a good amount of dust on them. Now even though the tv works great should I open it up and clean the insides or leave it for now? I am also wondering how long these supposed long life bulbs have been lasting for people? For anybody wondering about this tv.....It looks soooo good. High def (ps3,bluray,etc) works perfectly with no problems when playing games on it. Going from a 32" RCA CRT to this is simply amazing, in fact I think this tv displays games better than any of the under $800 lcds-plasmas-leds out there. very smooth. I was also wondering if there are any hacks for this tv out there? Maybe being able to use the sd card slot for something other than pics or an update to the firmware on it? Thanks for any info