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I have some very quick questions. I would be appreciated if you could answer.

1- Acer K330 does not support srt subtitles. But, it is stated in the media manual of K330 that it does support (on pages 23 and 25). Will there be any f/w upgrade to fix this issue?

2- I have installed the latest firmware (Firmware_Acer_B0917_K330). There is no sharpness and some other adjustments (such as moving the image to the left/right) in the setup menu. But, in some reviews on the internet these adjustments exist. The f/w installed in my device provides limited adjustments. Are there different firmwares (?) loaded in different units, which sounds weird?

3- I have a USB flash drive which is nearly full. When I insert this USB flash thumb drive to the USB A input, it is not recognized by the Acer K330. However when I attempt to connect another one (nearly half of its full capacity is used) it can be read by the projector. So what can make this PJ not to recognize the first thumb drive?