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Lg 55ls4600

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Hi All,

So I recently acquired this 55" LG and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it?

I've had it for a day now and spent most of the day yesterday "tweaking" it and have it so that it is showing a nice picture, nothing spectacular, but nice. I'm coming from a 47" LG LCD and expected vast improvements, but I'm feeling kind of "meh" about it though there is a story behind all of this.

I had originally bought a Sharp 60LE630U but it had some issues and after some back and forth for the last three weeks they finally replaced the Sharp with this set. I was supposed to get another Sharp 60" at first, then they had issues getting it in stock and was going to upgrade me to the 70" (70LE732U) but then all of a sudden they showed up with this LG and refunded all of the money, essentially giving me the TV so for better or worse, it's the one that I'm taking cause you can't beat free!!

I think the whole situation is the reason for my lackluster feelings on this set. I've got the picture tuned so that the image actually looks really well. Colors are "popping" but not overly so. Black levels are awesome but white leaves a little something to be desired as I just can't seem to get the set bright enough for my liking but picture detail is amazing.

Anyways, sorry for rambling on, it's just that I could find no info on this set anywhere on the web besides LG's own website.
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I too have the 55ls4600 and I think it gets plenty bright enough. my issue is with uniformity. It would seem there is a half moon shaped shadow at the top right in the middle and along with the shadows in the four corners and some light leakage in the bottom corners. I think the picture is pretty good but these issues really draw back what could be a great picture. Are you experiencing any of these issues?
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I'm looking closely at this set for a friend of mine and need to know one thing: Is the screen matte or glossy finish? If it's a matte screen then I think it'll be a great match for my friend, but otherwise I'll have to keep looking.
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