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Panasonic 8K Plasma!

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thats good as this can be a sign that panasonic will come soon with a consumer 4k plasma.

i say since some time that 80" displays need 4k as the pixles with only 2k at a
80" tv are to big.
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What they don't say is that it also replaces the furnace in any 3000 sq ft home.
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Come-on a furnace of only 1 kilowatt,are you sure you're canadian...

The 4K 58 inch '100" class 8K prototype' was shown by NHK two years ago. This one is not as dense, as one quarter section would have a diameter of 145/2 = 72,5. Would they be able to squeeze it down to 65"? Panasonic closed down plasma capacity, so I have no idea if Panasonic has the capability to produce anything larger than that, efficiently enough to reach consumer pricing levels.
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LOL, what the heck?!

The BBC is going to be broadcasting the Olympics in 8K format..?

For who(m)?

We can't even get 4K yet...

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As always, for the demo audience(s). This has been the case with every major event and coinciding new mediatechnology, at least since the first televised Olympics, those of 1936 in Berlin. HD in Albertville and Barcelona, and 3D this year.
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I would buy that sucker in a heartbeat - if I win the Powerball! Seriously, I would love to see Panasonic produce a consumer grade 4K 80 inch plasma at a reasonable price, say $5K or less (okay, $10K may be more realistic to start, but I can dream can't I?). I guarantee you there would be a huge market and so economy of scale would hopefully support a price for those of us who don't play tennis with Bill Gates.
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