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Had this Sony MHC-MG110 since Dec. 2001, has served me very well. 60 CDs (and they're all filled) / AM/FM / dual cassette (one records), supports stereo audio input (I play MP3s from my network by using this with stereo output from a laptop). 110 watts, external speakers, and I swapped out the speakers for some decent Yamaha bookshelf speakers, this sits in my kitchen.

I usually turn it on/off once a day, mostly use FM. When it doesn't have the tuner on, I usually switch it to Tape, without playing a tape. In that state it's silent. When I want radio again, I press the Tuner button.

Suddenly today, while in this silent state (Tape selected, no tape playing) I touched something away from the unit but close to the right speaker and a really loud noise came from the right speaker (maybe touching the cabinet on which the speaker sits at that moment was a coincidence). The noise is like super loud static. Turning down the volume had no effect and I had to turn it off (on/off button). I left it off an hour and turned it back on and it seemed to work normally (FM). I'm waiting for a Fedex delivery, so I changed it to Tape (without a tape playing) to get silence. A few minutes later the super loud noise comes from the right channel.

Is this a goner or is there some way I can maybe save this? I have another mini-stereo (only 5 CD accommodation), and I could use that instead, although my tool room would have no music if I do that.

The bad Sony has an optical output. Could I maybe use that and get a simple stereo amp that accommodates optical input?

Thanks for any info!