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3D Games on 3D TV - AMD or nVidia?

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I have a great TV of Philips 52pfl9606h. its support 3D so i'm going to connect a PC for 3D gaming and 3D movies,
I've heard that the 7970 video card support 3D with 60hz in 1080p mode while for the nVidia i'm not sure it is support this kind of feature although it is much faster card.
Does anyone knows about this issue?

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Copied from Phillips FAQ on your set.

Which 3D formats do the Philips 3D TVs support?

Frame packed (double size): via HDMI

Movie format: 1920 x 1080p FHD @ 24 Hz.
Game format: 1280 x 720p HD @ 50/60 Hz.

Broadcast formats: via HDMI and internal digital decoding

Side by side and top/ bottom (half HD)
1920 x 1080i @ 50/60 Hz.
1920 x 1080p @ 24/25/30/50/60 Hz.
1280 x 720p and 50/60 Hz.
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Yup, no 1080p60/3D until the new HDMI port processors are put in TVs, hopefully this year. 1080p24 isn't very useable. 720p60 is still phenomenal imo. I like my first gen Sony 46" NX711 more than my Dell 2560x1600 in 2D.
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WOW, didnt know that when i invested in such of expensive TV...
only 24fps is not possible to be used on FPS. so i guess the only solution is to go down to 720p.
regarding the video cards - is there a better one for 3D on regular TV? nVidia new 680 or ATI new 7970?

Thanks a lot
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The listed compatible formats of 3D are the "mandatory" formats and frame packing 1080p 24Hz is what is sent by all 3D Blu-ray players as standard and what all 3D TVs accept.
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1080p 24hz is ok for Movies only, it is unacceptable on games.
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