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Popcorn machine issues

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Hi there,

Getting my popcorn machine back into working order and noticed a couple things. On the plug there is a lot of build up... take a look, is there something I can clean it with? is it something bad?


Second is inside the kettle there is a whitish film that even after boiling water and popcorn machine cleaner it is still there. Is that anything bad or just normal build up?


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The plugs are usually just nickle coated. As for the "whitish" film, really can not tell from your picture. If you get one of the scotch pads, you can lightly scrub the kettle, along with using either salt or Dill Pickle Juice (trust me, it works). If you are cleaning it in your sink with Dawn, or other dish soap, it is not good, due to one you are removing the flavor that the carbon buildup retains to help with the flavoring, and also you can give a soapy taste to the food when cooking in it.
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Would just add not sure on the 1st photo but on the second I don't see any big problem...
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how old's the machine? looks like corrosion might just be from age
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