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Klipsch AW-650

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Just ordered a pair of these to test as a possible replacement to my current outdoor speaker setup. Anyone have any experience with them? I found them on sale today for $150 off MSRP and have eyed them all winter long. My outdoor Def. Techs just weren't providing enough clarity in the dialog without having the receiver cranked and blasting out the neighbors in the process.
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I don't but I do have some experience with some of the larger Klipsch stuff.

If that works for you, then fantastic!!

If you still find it wanting a bit, have you thought about looking at some of their larger offerings?

I'm thinking, beater Cornwall, beater LaScala (preferable with handles), maybe something out of their cinema lineup...

I bought a pair of MWM bass bins. These are the monsters that are 8 (yes eight) feet wide. I paid $250 for them and the only issue was, I didn't have the midhorn/tweeter to go with them.

For my specific circumstance, that was ok as I had other solutions by Klipsch that would work wonderfully.

I realize it's a bit of a nuts-o suggestion so I'm not expecting you to take it seriously. All I'm hoping to do is perhaps shake your thinking into getting outside the traditional box of logic and realize there are other options out there that might be cost effective.

My brother in law has some powered EV speakers. I think they are SXa 120 or something like that. We put those on top of my MWM bass bins and it really gave them some weight to the sound.

Carrying those 8' wide bins around however, is nothing short of a pain in the.....
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Thanks for the suggestions. I did hook up the speakers I got and am happy with them. I have yet to use them for movie purposes so that will be the ultimate test but from the improved clarity I found from the music I was playing these maybe all I was looking for. To add to my upgrades I purchased the Onkyo TX-NR616 receiver to replace an old Yamaha I was using outside. No problems with it so far, now onto upgrading the Gemmy inflatable screen to one of the screens from Carls place.
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