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hey all,

this is my first post and i did not know where to put it in. i found this could be a good place. so i hope you can help me.

i want to do the following:

for i don't know what is possible, i write down my ideas and the vision i am thinking about.

1. syncing 3 different videos on three different plasmas or beamers... eventually wirelessly... the best would be with a program that can do live chroma keying with a live source... if that is possible in any way. if it is, please tell me how to realize this. price doesn't matter at this time.

2. sync 1 audio file to these 3 videos. or even better - with a sequencer program like pro tools or logic - several tracks in sync to the 3 different videos.

what do i need exactly to realize that?

idea: is this maybe possible (without chroma keying and stuff) by snycing 3 different ipads wirelessly - if THAT is possible - and an iphone as a remote controller and via hdmi out to the desired display? cause one would only have to start the videos and audio at the same time. i don't believe there's an app for that, but you never know...

thanks for any answer!

best regards