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Netflix has a bad echo...why???

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So my wife heard about Neflix and the one month free trial. We barely watched it during that month except for the cartoons for the kids, but nonetheless, my wife thought paying $8/month was a good thing...not sure why. Anyway, on to my question. I use a PS3 which is hooked up via an HDMI cable to my HDTV. I use an optic cable for sound to my home theater. This same setup is used for my video games which sound very good. But for some reason, Netflix has a bad echo. It's not an echo like you'd have in a canyon. It more like listening to something in a tin box. It's hard to describe, but it drives me nuts!!! I tried to watch Thor the other night. I got about 5 mins into the movie and turned it off. The surround sound didn't work either.

Does anybody know why this is happening?!?!? Am I doing something wrong? Blueray discs and video games sound great.

P.S. The volume on the TV is turned down to zero. I know that causes an echo sometimes so I made sure it was off.
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I think the system knows you don't like it and it is doing it on purpose to spite you.

In any case, yours is the first report I've heard about a tinny-echo problem when using a PS3 for playback.

You might want to check out the PS3 Netflix playback thread in the PS3 forum for any similar info though.

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I would check/verify what (if any) DSP your receiver is using for Netflix's audio. I know on various receivers I have used one DSP will sound fine with some content and lousy with others...
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For 5.1 sound the PS3's Netflix player should output basic 5.1 channel DD, converting from DD+ 5.1; it will be the default for titles which feature DD+ 5.1 sound. What's your AVR saying that you're getting from it and in what way did it not work?

You might try to explicitly selecting stereo sound and see if that helps.
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Ok guys...thanks for the suggestions. I'll try them and see what happens. I had some friends over last night who all have netflix. None of them had the sounds issues I have. thx.
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I have heard it on our Sony BD through 2 channel, so it has nothing to do with DD or 5.1, or conversions. It is a problem with their streaming, and has been going on for about a month now.
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I know that the audio delay problem has something to do with their streaming (though switching to stereo sometimes "fixes" that), but it's not something that I'd describe as an "echo", which I associate with hearing the sound twice. The delay is hearing the sound once, only a little later than it should have been heard.

I know that the delay problem is transient and something going on on the servers. One day I tried 5 different 5.1-capable Netflix streamers and heard the delay on all of them (Religulous on Roku 2, Panasonic BDT220, Sony S390, PS3 and Xbox 360) then I tried it a couple of days later and couldn't detect a delay on any of them.
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i have the exact same problem!!!! but only on my home computer! It is with all videos I attempt to play but only through NETFLIX!!!! So lame that I cant even stand to watch it! wow guess im gonna have to go back to blockbuster or redbox for normal sound. Very lame. Did anyone figure out how to fix this problem yet??????
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It sounds like people are taking about the video and audio not being synchronized. I have run into this on rare occasion with Netflix, usually leaving the Netflix program then reselecting what you were watching works for streaming devices to get things back into sync.
If it happens with a computer I would try rebooting it to clear things out, also there have been issues with Netflix
using Microsoft's Silverlight in it's player. Silverlight does not always make for a trouble free experience but since you have to use it for Netflix streaming I would check that it's updated for the latest version as well as making sure that the Netflix player is updated also. If none of this resolves the sync problem on a computer I would enquire on some computer forums. Try using Google search for the problem and see what sites it takes you to.
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I know this topic is oldish by now, but I'm experiencing this very problem for the first time. It's only on one episode. I have been watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (I know, I know...) and everything has been fine so far. Now, at Season 3 Episode 12, the audio is tinny and horrible. I contacted Customer Support via their Chat and they said they would submit a report for me and the tech team would look into it, but that was almost two weeks ago now and it's still like that. Our Netflix streams through our PS3 as well, but attempting to watch it on my laptop and y boyfriend's PC both yielded the same tinny result. What can I do???
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Some episodes of shows have really bad SQ. Can't really do anything about it. I reported them but they never fix them.
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