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Pioneer VSX-1121-K Cable pass thru to TV

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Just installed VSX1121 and Samsung Plasma tv. Ran HDMI cable from convertor to HDMI input #2 on receiver and ran HDMI cable to TV's HDMI ARC slot. Set TV and receiver to HDMI #2. The TV screen indicates no cable signal. Have read and re-read manuals to both. Know I am missing something simple but cannot figure it out. Any ideas? and thanks.
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What do you mean by the TV's HDMI ARC slot? Have you tried other inputs on the TV?
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Thank you for the question. The TV is Samsung's PN59D8000. It has four HDMI slots counting from the bottom, the first slot is HDMI/DVI, the second is HDMI ARC (the only slot that sends the audio back to the receiver), slots 3 & 4 are simple HDMI. I have tried all four and get the same screen response.

Hope this is more clear.
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Try running the HDMI directly into the Samsung.
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Does it work with the receiver turned on and that input selected??

Might get more help in the Receiver section of the forums.
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Yes when the HDMI is connected directly to the TV I get a signal. It is only when I try to connect via the receiver. thanks.
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No it doesn't work. I will try the receiver section. Thank you.
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Do you have the HDMI from the receiver to the TV in an HDMI output on the receiver and not an input???
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HDMI Guy: I have the HDMI in output from the receiver to the TV. That was a good question. I am really stumped.
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sailingmike, make sure you're on the right input on the receiver. i have the same receiver and from the remote you can select which input you wish to use by simply tapping on the HDMI button until you see the correct one. this is displayed on the front panel screen.
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Thank you lsturbointeg. I checked and the receiver is set correctly. When you first set up your system, did you program the receiver for the TV - I find no information relative to that in the manual. Also, I assume you have surround sound. So, when you run the HDMI from the set top to the receiver, are you using the first HDMI input or the second? Originally I used the first but changed to the second. (In both instances I was careful to set the receiver and TV to the same HDMI slot.) Connecting the HDMI to the TV are using the HDMI input that allows audio return to the receiver? I am. Thanks in advance.
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Try an input on the TV that does not allow audio return to the receiver. May not work but worth a try. Also no reason to use the same input number on the receiver and the TV.
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I have had all of my components running through 3 HDMI cables to my Pioneer receiver connected to my Panasonic VT25 by 1 HDMI cable. Everything was working great for months. For a week now, I am not receiving video to the TV. I even tried the other available HDMI inputs to the TV. I moved the Pioneer receiver to 2 other tvs and it works fine. So I have concluded there is a communication error specifically between the Pioneer and the Panasonic through an HDMI connection. I have contacted both companies and neither were of any help. Both devices have been reset to their factory defaults with no luck.

Does anyone know what the issue could be? I have tried multiple HDMI cords and it didn't help. Anyone's assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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/edit: wrong thread, sorry
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