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Panasonic ag-7500

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Hi guys, new to the forum, I am about to transfer some vhs to DVD, I have a panasonic ag-7500, I have a converter from Maplins which works perfect for the video, but none of the sound cables on the converting lead will fit anything on the rear of the machine. I took a pic to my local Maplin to find a solution, they thought it was the 7 pin dub out but they didnt know of a solution to go from the 7pin to a normal phono plug.
Does anyone have any experience of this machine and know of a sound solution.

Thankyou for any help.

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The audio monitor looks to be a RCA output, have you tried that yet?
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The monitor out looks like mono only.
For the audio you need female-XLR to RCA adapters for both channels like in my enclosed picture.

For video use the S-Video and if you need composite than you need a BNC to RCA adopter.

I see you have the video going out OK via the dub out pins. But you might want to try going out S-Video instead. Reason I say that is because some pro VTRs run a very raw feed via the dub out, a feed meant to go into a another VTR with a Dub-In pin.

Just sayin' sometimes it's good to experiment to get the best possible picture and sound..
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Thank you so much for the advice, I will have a look online for those leads.

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I got the 2 rca leads plugged them into the converter I got from maplins and had perfect sound, now all of a sudden nothing? anyone now what the default settings should be on the actual ag-7500?
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