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I have followed this forum for some time and have read and learned lots. Thank you for that! With that said, this is what I currently have and what I use it for...


Flat screen TV - Samsung
Xbox 360
Rti12 <-- I got these on a good deal so picked them up. I live in a condo and although these are overkill, I had to get them!


I play music (both of usb and stream via Samsung Smartphone)/video games/dl'd movies via my Xbox 360.
Watch TV (Would like to watch sports while listening to music and have read threads about the solution for that).


A receiver. I've read lots on Airplay (very cool but don't think I need it) as I can stream to my 360. So am here for sound quality/bang for my buck.

I've read about pre-outs to make these speakers bang, so wouldn't mind future proofing which means 7.1? OR considering I'm in a condo. Save the bucks, get a two channel receiver, call it a day and upgrade another.

I borrowed a friend's vsx1121K and it sounded good (nothing to compare it to but have read the thread).

Anyway, I think that summarizes my uses and I hope I am not forgetting anything? So.......... What would you recommend?

Many thanks,