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First off i want to thank everyone for their help to this point. i am not sure i would have done it without all the input. This is a greatr community.

with that i finally have everything and the box is built but unpainted. i went with the following:

mini dsp
6 cubic foot 5.5 cubic foot box
uxl 18 by mach 5

i have one last question i am hoping to get help with and thats the mini dsp.

can i just change the low pass cut off filter at 100 and then hook it up? the mini also has a dc in plug so i assume i have to buy a power supply as well.
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so i tried and hooked everything up today accept the mini dsp as i don; thave a 12 volt source yet.

I hope i have something wrong with the set up as i would say it doesn;t sound as good as my current sub.

here is how i have it hooked up as of now

the sub out is conected to the ep4000 via a modified xlr to rca cable and i have it set on the bridge mono mode with only switch 1, 6 and 7 turned on.

i but the gain almost to the max and the anthem at my regular level and you can hardly hear the sub.

any ideas as too what might be wrong?
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Set dipswitches:
1 l
2 l
3 r
4 r
5 r
6 l
7 l
8 r
9 l
10 l

If using two input channels then 4 and 5 to the left

unhook subs speaker wire from amp, turn amp front attenuator knobs to max, set AVR to your listening level, turn put in heaviest bass movie you got, see if clip lights come on, if not increase sub gain on AVR until clip lights come on during bass heavy seq, then turn AVR gain down ~3db. If you cant keep clip lights out with avr sub gain setting, use the attenuator knobs on amp.

This is very quick and dirty "gain" structure setting, but you should search and read gain structure to do it proper. You must keep the clip light out.
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Thanks for the insights.

It works great. Now too the fun part the boxes finish.
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Duratex cool.gif
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photos and agree on duratex
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I picked up the roll on Duratex today and will post picks soon.

Do you clear the duratex?

How can I text the subs performance once complete?
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Originally Posted by niners View Post

I picked up the roll on Duratex today and will post picks soon.

Do you clear the duratex?

How can I text the subs performance once complete?

No need to clear it. 2 coats usually does the trick. You can sand lightly between coats, and even after 2nd for the texture you prefer.
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You can also add a bit of water to the duratex to make the texture finer. It about 5% water to thin it out.
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I am worried as I thought I read for a sealed box you could go with 5cf.

So I made it that size.

When I reread it sounds like it's not ideal

What can I expect and am I safe to run full out with the ep4000
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Whats the ideal volume? If you need smaller you can always close off some of the interior volume and make it effectively smaller. If you need bigger you'll need a board stretcher.wink.gif

Too small = Safe but less efficient in lower FR

Too big = more risk of mechanical damage to driver from overexcursion(assuming excursion not power limited). Greater LF efficiency.
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I think I might have the world's only board stretcher.

If it works awesome.
,I have no idea on ideal size as I don't have winsd.

I am going to download however reality is its done

So the question is how do I test the result.

Any input is appreciated
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Finally going to upload some pics... still not 100% complete but getting there. FIrst coat of black paint on the majority as well as the grill somehwat made. will be duralex on next

will upload final pics once complete this weekend. back 8k .jpg file front view.jpg 8k .jpg file sideview.jpg 7k .jpg file
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Looks nice should be a nice little sub!
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Kinda hard to see those 8kB pics... they show up in a little 1.5" x 1.5" square on my monitor...
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Is there a better way to upload them
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same way, just use a larger file... usually 100-200kB would suffice.
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Should I put insulation in the box? If so what would it do to the sound
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the primary reason for stuffing an enclosure is to reduce resonances. these tend to be mostly out of band though for smallish subs.
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Thanks LTDO2. I don't bother with stuffing the box.

I am almost finished and ready to fire up this project. I was hoping for some mini dsp help.

It's running the sub only.

Any thoughts or help to set this up or direction to a guide would be awesome

On the input gain do I leave at zero

Parametric eq - filter type peak. Low self or high self?

Cross over : low pass
Cut off frequency
Filter type
Bypass filter

High pass
Cut off
Filter type-

Parametric eq output 1:
Filter type

Delay / gain / rms:

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"What can I expect and am I safe to run full out with the ep4000"

it would be wise to run the 4 ohm driver off of one channel for 650 watts in your 5 cubic foot enclosure, at least until you get a good sense for what the sub can handle.

650 watts should get you right up near xmax at 15hz and below.
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So I finally got the sub together the only thing left is to put the grill on.

I will start off by thanking everyone for their support answering all my crazy questions during this build. I must say the UXL in the 5FT3 box with the EP400) sounds better then I expected.

I am not certain I have the mini dsp hooked up right but will continue to look for a guide to better understand that thing.

Some pictures of the finished box. IMGP5173.JPG 3773k .JPG file IMGP5174.JPG 3886k .JPG file IMGP5175.JPG 3683k .JPG file
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