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New 17' x 15.5' Concrete HT Room Help (Wiring and Mounts)

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Hi to all

Im doing a new Room in my backyard for HT purposes and also like a guest room in case someone needs to crash there one night. I need help in where is the best place in placing the LED or projector. I currently have a 55" Samsung 8000 Series LED tv but I want something bigger on this new room.

The biggest LED so far is Sharp 70" but For me the Samsungs looks better and as for Plasmas I think. 64" are the biggest. I dont want a huge screen, but 80" would be awesome. For this I think i need a projector. I have no idea a decent projector that looks as good as an LEd Tv.

The room can't be completely sealed with just one door. I will place a door in one side and in another a 7' glass door that leads to a terrace. If I do not decide to make a terrace then the HT room would be around 17'x 22'. But i really want a terrace. As for the 7' glass sliding door Im going to buy an accoustic courtain that will cover the whole wall side to side from floor to ceiling.

What about windows? I was thinking in placing two 2' x 2' window. The question is why not a sealed room? The problem is that I need access to the room without getting outside my house. Second is that I will sacrifice lightning and ventilation in one of the bedrooom. I will post a picture of my backyard so can understand all of it. Also I will post a rendered images of how it will looks.

I need help in what wall plates and projector mounts i need. Also all ideas are always welcome. I started the construction last week.

Here is the picture of my backyard. The white door leads to my garage and to the kitchen.
The first window ( the one close to the door ) is one bedroom and the second window is another bedroom.

(sorry i cant fix pic from ipad. I will post pics tomorrow with more data. )
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There are 80" flat panels too.

I have the cheaper 70" in the living room that is full of light from open floor plan and two huge glass double doors. It works well for what it is but I obviously see many faults in it. It doesnt have nearly as good of a pic as my sammy 64" plasma 8000 or the other plasmas scattered throughout the house but for the price and size it is great!

70 inches makes the 64 look small to me. But if you are going for a big screen then I would go well over 70 or 80 inches. Thats just my .02 cents.
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I need help for wall plates. What plates do you recommend for the room? A single 5.2 on the front wall or a 3.2 Wall plate on front wall and two wall plates for surrounds on backwall?

On the rendered image I installed 1" PVC that connects at the middle of the left wall to the middle at the right wall in case I need to install HDMI and Audio cables.

What plates do you guys recommend and where to get it? Help please. Thanks!
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I have to put some windows at room. Which one do you think looks better from this image?
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To give you details about wall plates, someone will need to know where you are placing all the equipment.
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HT Room after 6 weeks of construction.. So far spent $6,500,
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Like Fred said, going to need a bit more information to get recommendations for your set up.. although, It sounds to me like you are in need of a projector for the size you want to go with.. maybe make it a drop down screen and place that/those windows behind it..??

I love Puerto Rico style houses.. especially the colors. May I ask what part of PR your in, my family(parents) are from Villalba & Aibonito.
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True. Im going to buy a projector and place it facing the front wall and put my 55" Led tv on the left wall (Left wall has no windows; the right one is the one that will have glass windows soon!). Not sure which prorjector to get but on the $1500 budget It think I will get the Optoma 3300 or Acer 9500. I live in Aguadilla; pretty far from Aibonito. I will post the picture of my house so you can see it.

As for wiring and wall plates I already bought it from monorprice. The construction is in the final stages. I think will be finish within 2-3 weeks.
Thanks for writing.
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