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Panny ST50 Plasma/URC RF Remote Interference Problem

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Howdy all. I have a problem. My new 55" Panasonic ST50 plasma is wreaking havoc with my RF remote control setup. I have a Universal Remote Control MX-900 remote paired with a URC MRF-260 RF base station. When the display is on the remote is unable to communicate with the MRF-260 via RF about 80% of the time. Occasionally I can remedy this by re-positioning the base station, but it's hit or miss. If I power down the display I'm back to full RF communication between the remote and base.

The 260 is BEHIND the TV. I have an Oppo BDP-93 Blu-ray player and an Onkyo receiver plugged directly into the MRF-260 via 3.5mm mini cables and a Toshiba HD-DVD player connected to the base with an IR emitter.

This is driving me nuts! I've tried every channel available on the MRF-260 without good results. I know that plasmas cause IR interference, but I didn't realize that they could be so hard on RF. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I might do to remedy this situation I would REALLY appreciate your input. Thanks!
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Might be painting myself as Captain Obvious here, but have you considered moving the MRF-260? I use it just fine with a Panny VT30, but is mounted behind the audio cabinet (about 2 feet away from the lower-right corner).

If you don't want to relocate because of the IR lead (wire) would show, you can notch a very thin line in the wall, put the IR wire in the trench and plaster over it (only do this after you know it's working, though).
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Thanks for the suggestion Captain. That was my next step, but it involved buying some longer cables (which I've now done). I was just hoping to hear from folks who may have had a similar problem.
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I think moving it may be what you need to do. I have the 350 which is kind of similar but has a distinct RF receiver. The receiver has an LED to say when it is receiving (junk or valid signals). So I basically moved that around until the LED went out. In my case, I ended up bolting the RF receiver and antenna to the back of one of my speakers so its out of sight, but works just fine.
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I purchased some longer 3.5mm cables and moved the receiver about 6 feet away from the plasma panel. My single IR emitter cable is almost too short to reach, but the relocation resolved the problem. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
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