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I currently use Bose Mediamate speakers when I watch television/movies but now I'm thinking about getting a surround sound system, specifically the Samsung HW-C560S 5.1 channel surround sound system. Because I'm very satisfied with the quality that my Bose speakers produce, I'm worried that they could potentially produce better quality audio than the some of the Samsung speakers. Here are the Bose Mediamate speakers:

Here is the Samsung HW-C560S HTIB:

In a separate thread, I read this about the Samsung HW-C560S HTIB which is what got me slightly worried:

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One positive is that the center speaker--where the vast majority of dialogue in movies is reproduced, making it the most critical speaker in terms of sound quality--is relatively clear and intelligible, which is not a given with budget HTIBs. The other speakers, however, only have 3" full-range drivers, so they probably don't sound any better than $15 computer speakers (although they should be able to play much louder).