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I mentioned 'service menu' in my post because that's the only way to get to it with the brand of TV in my bedroom (Olivia). He's correct in that many TV's will have a similar setting buried somewhere in the normal menu/setup system.

Turning off video processing on your AVR would certainly be your first option though.
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yea, to change the percentage of overscan, that would likely be a service menu adjustment...

but i don't believe he'll need to do that... the setting on his display that introduces overscan should get it done... he just needs a bit...

or he can do what most of us did/do, and just live with it... smile.gif
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woops eek.gif

(fixed it) Thanks....... smile.gif
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duly noted, and i edited as well... smile.gif
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LN46A550 and unless I missed something I have not seen the overscan setting anywhere. So I have two questions in regards to turning off video processing. Does that negatively affect picture quality? Next, where is that option in the 2113CI? Pardon my noobness. Definitely appreciate the help though.
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Set the "i/P scaler" setting to OFF (p. 107 OM).
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in terms of picture quality... in real life viewing, i really doubt it matters... all modern equipment has "good enough" processing to be essentially indistinguishable on a smaller display*, especially at the distance that the great majority sit from their display**... ime (and i've used a ton of different video processors, and currently use a radiance mini), WAY too much emphasis is placed on video processing by people*** in today's world... several years ago, it mattered, as many displays had woefully bad processing.... today, not so much...

* read: unless it's 100" or larger, sitting at a reasonably close distance, don't worry...

** i would place a significant wager that 95% of all flat panel owners don't sit close enough to visually resolve 1080p, let alone pick out artifacts from video processing in real world viewing...

*** unless they fall into the "big screen" group...
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Originally Posted by kaptemplar View Post

LN46A550 and unless I missed something I have not seen the overscan setting anywhere. So I have two questions in regards to turning off video processing. Does that negatively affect picture quality? Next, where is that option in the 2113CI? Pardon my noobness. Definitely appreciate the help though.

On my LCD HDTV it is called picture size. It has a horizontal and vertical adjustment. That is how I got rid of the cc signal.
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^^^ that just moves the screen in that direction. Is that the same as overscan? Because when I do that I can see the bottom of the screen. I would rather not do that, hopefully going with video processing off fixes the issue.
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Hey guys

I would like to know is there is a way that I can use my 3313ci as a 9.1 receiver? For example, can I use the surr. back preout to an external amplifier and keep using the front heigh speakers at same time with my 3313 or do I still need an av receiver with 9.1 pre -outs? Thanks for letting me know.
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IP Scaler off did not work.
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Alright everyone. I apologize beforehand for being long. Need some help. Been with this for over a week. Helped a buddy relocate his devices into a closet from his living room. We hung the television, installed in wall lcr's and in ceiling surrounds. We also installed a pair of outdoor speakers from the 2nd zone of the Denon 1913 that he bought. Devices were the Denon 1913, dish cable box, and samsung blu ray player. Okay we ran cat 5 for the HDMI Balun and the Ir kit. Now everything was viewing good, but then after 30 mins or so the image from either watching cable/sat or blu ray would go away. Then just pushing the setup button it would come back. That's 1. 2. When we would turn a light switch on or off it would cause interference. We've heard of this but we made sure to keep the wires run at least 8-12 feet away from any electrical wires. Okay so we messed with the settings to see if first we could solve the problem of the image going away but nothing worked. Okay next we decided to go ahead and run an hdmi cable instead of using the cat 5. The distance was under 50 ft and the cable was 50 ft. I know it is not recommended to use at this distance but we wanted to rule everything out. So next thing the cable/sat box running through the receiver began to show without going out and then the problem with the switch interference also went away. So we thought problem figured....but nope. Now the blu ray player wouldn't show running through the receiver or connecting direct to the tv. Now at times we would be able to hear it, but atr others it wouldn't. Ok we tried the ps3. Connecting the ps3 through the receiver it would show the movie but then get fuzzy and then show and fuzzy and continued. Ran the cable direct and viewed perfect. So then we tried a repeater/booster. Im trying to make it short, so sorry. The repeater did not improve the samsung blu ray, but the ps3 worked great and did not do those problems as without it. We tried everything in the settings and customer service had no answers. This has really had us stumped. Now do you recommend maybe using a single line hdmi balun or what do you all recommend? Has anyone ever experienced the same things?

Would appreciate any help we can get.

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On the Samsung BDP, try setting the "Deep Color Output" to OFF (if that setting exists).
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will try. Thanks
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Looking for recommendations. Cat threw up on B&K Ref 30 (their favorite warm spot). Need to replace and looking at Denon.

  • B&K Ref 30 (expired)
  • B&K 200.5 Amp
  • Monitor Sub
  • Totem Dreamcatcher 5 (l/c/r, surround - 4 ohm)
  • Panny 50 Plasma (1080p)
  • Panny Blu Ray
  • Fios HD
  • XBox 360
  • Apple TV
  • Small Room 13 x 20
  • Wired Ethernet
  • 2 kids in college

Doesn't seem to be a hot (not a cat reference) Pre/Pro for under $1000. Marantz AV-7005? Denon 33xx, 23xx? Sell the B&K amp to pay for it? Not looking for blow-your-mind fidelity or complexity (the days of silver cables are over). Wanting the latest formats, ease of use, good quality, low cost. Used is an option, or good price on retail.

Appreciate recommendations from the experts. I used to think I knew what I was doing. Thanks.
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Nothing has changed with the current HD formats in the past 5 years or so, however, the Denon 33XXCI series is the lowest level with pre-outs so you can drop the 23XXCI consideration.
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Will the Denon's push 4 ohm safely? Hate to buy a receiver and not use the amp. Seems wrong somehow.
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At average volume (~ -20db) yes, but if you like louder movie/music volume approaching reference level, you'll likely need the external amp and therefore a 3312Ci or 3313CI.
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maybe go to a 4311 and ditch the B&K amp? (4311 rated to 4 ohms)
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If you can bump your budget another $200 most definitely go with the 4311CI ... better version of Audyssey and you can ditch the external amp.
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Originally Posted by Athlon646464 View Post

"l. Watch TV while listening to a different audio source: You have a couple of different options here. One option is to connect the cable/sat box HDMI directly to the TV w/optical from the cable/sat box to the AVR. That way you can use the HDMI to the TV for video and then select whatever audio source you want on the AVR. Another option is to use the "Video Select" feature on the AVR noting that you cannot select an HDMI video source. Rather you must connect the cable/sat box to the AVR with a component video/optical cable and then while the audio source is selected (eg. TUNER), change the "Video Select" setting to the component video source."
I got the above from the FAQ here (great resource for me while I'm setting up my new 2113!).
I want to do this rarely. We sometimes watch our Patriots on TV and like to listen to the radio broadcast rather than the network TV announcers.
1) If I choose option one as suggested in the FAQ, what do I loose? Is there a trade-off? I really don't want to re-wire my setup just for a few football games.
2) Does the 2113 have another option for this?

Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post

1. With option #1 you lose the GUI display for the cat/sat box source, so if important, in addition to HDMI cable from box to the AVR, also connect a component video cable from the box to the AVR and select that source via Video Select as indicated in the FAQ.
2. All Denon models react the same way in this regard.

I just got around to trying this. (I'm putting my Wii in another room.)

I have component video going to the AVR's component input from my PVR in addition to the HDMI cable going to the Cable/Sat input. I've chosen COMP for DVD in the Input Assign screen.

When I choose the the FM input on the AVR, and then DVD in the 'Video Select' menu, I get the PVR's video, but with the FM tuner info superimposed over it. How can I clear the FM radio info from the screen?
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Need some help with my new 1613 and the Denon Remote App for iOS. 1613 is connected up to my network via ethernet. Trying to select/play music from the iTunes library on my computer through my Denon using the Denon Remote App for iOS. No option I can find on the app to make this happen.

I can play iTunes music via the 1613 by choosing the Denon on the AirPlay icon from within iTunes. I can also play iTunes music from the 1613 via the Apple Remote App, but not from within the Denon Remote App. Seems I'm missing something fairly simple here - I'd like to be able to control everything via the Denon App, rather than need to go into the Denon app to power the receiver on, and then switch over to the Apple Remote App to access my iTunes library....

Thank you in advance!
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Please help me. I bought the 2313 and have not installed it yet because I am considering replacing my current speakers with floorstanding. I am having a problem with understanding ohm. Can this receiver handle 6ohm speakers?

The 2313 will live in my den where I have Infinity Primus P153 bookshelf speakers with a PC250 center, Polk RM7 satellites and when I setup I'll have a choice between two subwoofers - Sony wm250 or Yamaha sw216. I gave my kids a pair of Sony 5000 that I was using with a center speaker in the living room. Since they are gone I am considering moving the Infinitys to the living room and using floorstanding in the den. The speakers I have under consideration are Polk Monitor 50/60/70, Pioneer SP-FS51, and Infinity P253.

Any and all advice as well as information regarding ohm limitations would be so very helpful. BTW, the room is 15x20 and open on one end to a very long kitchen. TIA
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all of the speakers you are considering are very "typical" consumer speakers that are designed to be run by exactly this type of mid-level gear. You will have no trouble with any of those speakers running off any current Denon AVR.

if I have two bits of advice for you, it would be:

1. since you are "rebuilding" the setup a bit, do your best to MATCH your speakers as opposed to creating such a brand hodgepodge. You have heard both the Polk and Infinity yourself so go with one or the other that you like better and build the whole setup around it. At minimum the front three speakers (L/C/R) should match.

2. please get a better subwoofer than either of the two garbage options you are considering. Even if you can only spend $150-200 you can get a much nicer subwoofer like Energy S10.3 (watch for deals from newegg) or BIC F12.
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Thanks Batpig.

I had a feeling that you would say something like that about my hodgepodge and especially the subwoofers.
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smile.gif infinity primus speakers are very well regarded as being among the best "bang for the buck" out there so if you are happy with the smaller P153 then upgrading to P253 is a natural progression. You already own the matching center and can move the P153's to surround duty. With the 2313 having multiple options for 7ch you can repurpose the little Polks for front height, surround back, etc.

the subwoofer is really the part that I would focus most on if you really care about quality HT effects.
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Batpig, I believe that is the best plan, especially since a new center channel may not fit in the custom cabinet. I will wait for the newegg sale on the Energy S10.3, I'm sure that it and the 2313 will get me over my bad relationship with subwoofers wink.gif.

Thanks for being here, I have no one else to help me with this decision. I got excited about the possibilities, tried to reign them in by price and then was still faced with the ohm matter.
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Originally Posted by jojo2138 View Post

Helped a buddy relocate his devices into a closet from his living room.
This raised flags for me.
Now everything was viewing good, but then after 30 mins or so the image from either watching cable/sat or blu ray would go away. Then just pushing the setup button it would come back.
Check to make sure that the closet's ventilation is adequate -- that it has fans which exhaust the hot air and that cool air can get in. Having signals go bad after a while often is an indication that the electronics are overheating.
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Got my new 2113 set up over the weekend and am really enjoying it so far.Everything just seems to sound more fluent and cohesive to me, if that makes any sense. Probably just tricking myself. Ha ha.

Anyway, here are my specific issues:

1. I'm using a Logitech Harmony 700 remote to control everything (2113, Kuro 5080, PS3, Xbox 360 & Comcast cable box). Everything powers up ok, but I always get a Denon start up title screen instead of showing my source right away. Does this have more to do with the timing on the remote? When I press the "Help" button, everything fixes.

2. Using my PS3 for my Blu-Ray player. According to batpig's site, I won't get any sort of screen/light confirmation when discs are playing DTS/ DTS HD, etc. Is there any work around for this? Know it's silly, but I love me some lights and screen confirmation!

Trying to decide if it's worth it to invest in a powerline adapter for networking the receiver. Don't listen to too much music where it's set up and I always have my 360 for any random Pandora needs there.

Thanks to everyone here for all the help.
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