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Originally Posted by batpig View Post

What source? And are you using Dynamic Volume?

Yes I did the did the Audyssey setup with the mic and I am using dynamic volume, set to Evening. They seem to be loud like that with any source: TV, music streamed through PS3 or my Denon, video games, etc.
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Originally Posted by JC507JC View Post

Thank you. Yea it's not shutting down or even get hot at all, barely even warm. My worry is when I add more speakers, will it stay the same or is drawing more power for the other speakers going to affect it?

The surrounds aren't likely to draw much additional power, at the most you may have to lower the volume a bit to prevent the protection mode from kicking in. At the very least ensure your FL/FR speakers are set to SMALL/80Hz to provide more headroom to the AVR.
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Ok thank you, I will stick with denon then and just upgrade to a 7.1 model.
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Originally Posted by batpig View Post

If levels "will be FAR less than reference" you will probably be fine. The louder it gets, the more likely you are to get into trouble, but at moderate volumes the speakers will be drawing less than 10 watts per channel.

Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post

Denon AVRs are generally capable of playing efficient 4-ohm speakers at average "TV" volume levels (eg. -30db to -20db).

Thanks, batpig and jd !!!!!!
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Anyone else notice issues with the Denon app since the latest update? I have lost the current sound mode status on the main page and the receiver has failed to power on via the app a few times since updating the firmware.
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The denon app always worked poorly for me. But poorly working is better than not working IMO.
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HTPC's can be a PITA to get working properly with HDMI. There are some troubleshooting options at the beginning of this thread.
#3 -- see above... this is an HDMI handshake problem with your HTPC. HDMI can really suck sometimes.
Well i never had any problem with my old Onkyo TX-NR609 AVR....

Where can i find the troubleshooting options ? This thread is 320+ pages...
#2 -- just use MultiCH STEREO mode
How do i set it up ?

Thank you
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Is there a way to enable HDMI-CEC power control over Zone 2 the same way it already works in Zone 1 ? So when i turn on my Z2 TV it will turn on the AVR's Zone 2 and close it when i shut down my TV

I don't understand why its working for zone 1 and not zone 2.

The devices and cables are 100% hdmi-cec capable. I even tried with the same tv i am using for Zone 1 but CEC is not working on zone 2 frown.gif
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Is there any limitations to standby mode? I'd like to run Zone1 monitor 2 to my bedroom TV. This will allow me to simply watch tv in there without firing up the system. Normally that's my zone 2.
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The "Control Monitor" setting must be changed to "Monitor 2" (p. 121 OM).

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Originally Posted by anarchoi View Post

Well i never had any problem with my old Onkyo TX-NR609 AVR....

Where can i find the troubleshooting options ? This thread is 320+ pages...
How do i set it up ?

Thank you

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Originally Posted by Chris DeWitt View Post

Anyone else notice issues with the Denon app since the latest update? I have lost the current sound mode status on the main page and the receiver has failed to power on via the app a few times since updating the firmware.

Delete & reinstall &/or try the Marantz app.
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Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post

The "Control Monitor" setting must be changed to "Monitor 2" (p. 121 OM).

But then i won't have hdmi-cec power control with Monitor 1 ?

I want both monitor to control power through hdmi-cec

It's already working with Monitor 1 in Zone 1 but i also want the TV in Zone 2 to be able to control power through hdmi-cec
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Originally Posted by Alan P View Post

AFAIK, there are no television stations nor any content on Netflix available in 7.1 - 5.1 Dolby Digital is as good as it gets. To get 7.1 playback with these sources you have to matrix the L/R surrounds into the rear channel(s) by using Dolby PLIIx or a similar DSP setting.

I am using the Dolby PLIIx option. The sound is there, it just doesn't have too much oomph. All is well though, I'm getting used to it. Alan, BatPig, JDS... thanks for all of your help!
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Thread Starter 
Can't do it, only one of the outputs can be the control monitor.
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I suspect that HDMI handshake issues are my main problem here. I'm dancing with HDMI cables and outputs and can only get my intended result periodically. HDMI is a nightmare! Macrovision issues on my previous projector setup has nothing on HDMI.

Is a better cable going to reduce HDMI HDCP issues? I hastily bought some 25' bluerigger cables off amazon and wouldn't mind an excuse to return them. I've gotten HDMI out of both of them on occasion through the AVR. And they work with a direct hookup. I'm gonna order some monoprice regardless now to help with the diagnosis.

If I am successful in resolving/resetting these HDCP issues and get them working, am I going to have to repeat that startup process every time?

Is there any way to determine if my lack of signal is HDCP vs. an issues with the display not liking the AVR-3133 output (because of it forcing same resolution to two different res displays? ) For example, when I have monitor 1 going to TV, and I tune the projector into monitor 1, the TV image disappears. I'm guessing this is due to the Denon sensing the new display and changing the video signal to something the other display doesn't like.

Does HDMI control have any effect on HDCP? Seems like turning that off would eliminate one more variable, even though I eventually want to use it for standby passthrough.

When I get home I'm going to eliminate the cable box hdmi and use the component output. I read that cable boxes are notorious when feeding HDMI through an AVR. Mine is up to date fwiw. With a component input I should be able to sort out any HDCP issues between the AVR and both Zone1 monitor outputs.

This is becoming a full time job/nightmare. Not getting much sleep lately or any work done at work. frown.gif
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If you haven't already, try turning off "deep color" in your Blu-ray player. Doing so often reduces the bitrate enough to eliminate HDMI dropouts and "sparklies". Worst case, until you get better cables, you can try setting the BDP to output a fixed 1080i (or 720p), which reduces the bitrate even more.

The HDMI implementations in many cable boxes are unable to interact reliably with the HDMI repeater functionality provided by receivers. The standard workaround is to connect the cable box's HDMI output directly to the TV and connect the cable-box's digital audio output to the receiver.
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I don't have a blueray player yet. I'm testing my configuration out with a HDMI cable box, and a component DVD player for the time being. I can't spend any more money until I verify that I can build the system around this receiver. If I can't the entire plan has to be redesigned.

Cable box directly to TV is not acceptable as the plan requires ability to select cable source for zone1 projector or zone2 master bedroom TV. I'd try using component video from the cable box but that's no good either because zone 2 can't upscale it to HDMI. It would force all of my inputs for the entire system to component. (Because generally if you hook up HDMI to a device it disables the component output. And the new stuff won't even put HD out of component anymore.)

I guess I could run the cable box directly to both zones using a splitter... would that cause more problems than it solves? TV is 720p, projector is 1080p.
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My suggestion would be to contact your cable company and the manufacturer of the cable box to find out if they know what receivers it works with, or if they have other models known to work with the model of receiver that you have. Unfortunately, my impression from other people's posts is that neither of them will have the slightest idea and are just as likely to tell you to connect directly to the TV frown.gif

One possibility might be to use external HDMI switches and splitters instead of the receiver to do the video and audio distribution. The a/v distribution forum would be a better place to ask about that, though. See http://www.avsforum.com/f/36/home-a-v-distribution

Edited to add:

Sending signals simultaneously to displays with different resolutions is always problematic. Normally the resolution used is that of the least capable device detected on the HDMI network, even if the display is "powered down". Most modern entertainment equipment actually is just put into standby mode with some electronics still active. Also, some high-end receivers with multiple HDMI outputs allow their outputs to be configured separately, but most do not.
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Makes sense. Unfortunately. I researched that there are 2 versions of this cable box, and this is the less problematic of the two, supposedly. HDMI seems lke a serious downgrade from component with all these limitations.

I'll give the cable company a call and see what they say, but they are notoriously useless.
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2313cl was working great for about a month. Now I get now audio from the cable box when the receiver is on. With the receiver off, audio/sound come from the TV. Turning the receiver on give a picture, but no audio from either the TV or the receiver. The receiver indicates that it is getting an audio signal (PCM, 48kHz, 2/0/.0) but there's no sound from the receiver. Other sources work fine (DVD, internet radio). I did the latest firmware update about a week ago.

Could this be a problem with the cable box?

thanks for the help!
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Yup. More than likely it just got a firmware update pushed to it which is why we recommend bypassing the AVR and connecting the HDMI directly to the TV with optical from the box to the AVR for the same DD 5.1 surround audio quality.
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Well good news. Followed the steps for resetting HDCP settings, and I'm getting Cable Box to both monitors, and standby output to both monitors. The standby is a great feature if we want to just watch the bedroom TV with tv speakers and not fire up the whole system.

It's bizarre that the cable box didn't even want to play HDMI through the new monoprice cable I got, but when swapping to the previous cable, it would work, and even then, in only one direction. Despite that this cable is non-directional. Nuts.
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Checked my basement setup, which was working fine. Swapped the cable boxes, problem fixed. March Madness is sounding much better! Guess I'll have sound until this cable box picks up the update, but I'll talk to the cable provider about it.

I like the idea of hooking cable to the tv then running digital audio to the receiver, except that then i'll have to switch inputs on the TV to switch from the cable box to the receiver anytime I want to use the DVD/internet radio.

I also noticed that the changing the volume on the TV or cable remote no longer changes the volume on the Denon. This has happened since the latest Denon firmware update. Bummer bc that was convenient.
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That would be linked to HDMI Control so ensure the setting is still enabled.
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Hi everyone. I recently bought a new setup consisting of a Denon AVR-2113 connected to a Sony Bravia Sync capable TV via HDMI1 (ARC). HDMI Control and ARC tested successfully and all devices were detected by Bravia Sync (the 2113 and a Pioneer Blu-Ray player show up in the Bravia Sync device list). As soon as I power on my Digital Set Top Box (no HDMI Control to the best of my knowledge) connected to the 2113's CBL/SAT HDMI input, it clears out my Bravia Sync HDMI Control device list and of course, ARC stops functioning. This occurs when the STB is in standby mode or operating, and when the CBL/SAT input is selected or not selected. Just to be on the safe side, I factory reset the 2113 and TV but it made no difference.

Does powering on a device that causes HDMI Control to fail cause any strain on components that are successfully communicating via HDMI Control, up to the time the problematic device is powered on and they lose contact with each other? If I can safely do so, my solution will be to just unplug all power from my STB when it's not in use and forgo HDMI Control while using it (as soon as I unplug the STB power, my HDMI Control list repopulates).

Any opinions and explanations relating to the 2113 being part of this minor inconvenience greatly appreciated smile.gif

Many thanks.
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Sorry if this was answered before: can I switch the tv programs using the 2113 remote control?
Thank you.
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I was denon remote over airplay on my iPad the other day, when all of a sudden, it just stopped working. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, and no luck. It still works on my iPhone. Any suggestions? Denon2113ci, Verizon fios with actiontec router. I followed thread advice to get it to work months ago, going into the outer and changing settings. It just stopped in the middle of streaming music after months of working fine. Thanks
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Have you tried the Marantz app?
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Originally Posted by JC507JC View Post

Got a question for you. I have a denon 1613 right now. When I bought it a few months ago I knew I would be upgrading from it within a short amount of time, but I got a really good deal on it. Currently I'm running a 3.1. Two triple 8 JTRs which are 4ohm for LR and a single 8 for my center, with an S2 for my sub. I had been thinking that I had it turned up quite loud. I listen to it at -10 for pretty much all listening and it sounds just right, it's not really that loud.

I'm going to be adding two more single 8s for my surrounds, and eventually two more for rears. I had been planning on getting a new denon with 7.1, probably the 2113. Will that be good enough to power them? I like my current denon so I had planned on sticking with them.

Do you think the 2113 or 2313 or 3313 would be sufficient or should I be looking at some other AVR? I've tried searching for 4ohm receivers before I purchased the 1613 and found nothing on this site, bunch of people asking but no one answering which avrs could do 4ohm.

IMO there is no real upside in purchasing an 8-6 ohm avr when running 4 ohm speakers. The risk and aggravation of having to watch your volume or risk shut down would not be worth it. Just buy a 4 ohm avr. You could buy an avr with pre-outs and use external amps but then again just buy a 4 ohm avr. In the Denon line the 4311 and the 4520 are rated for 4 ohms and the 4311 is discounted down to $1250-$1400 US if you search around. Beyond that google the other 3 main avr manufacturers sites (Pioneer Yamaha Onkyo) and have a look for a 4 ohm avr .
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