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Squeezebox Classic - Touch

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I'm just getting my system back together after HT remodel. While I am still waiting for new display and speakers I'm pretty much up and running with old gear. Also new is Denon 4311CI.

I am about 50/50 music/movies, but tend to fret more about music quality and accuracy than I do movie material. I added back my old Squeezebox classic (coax) and streamed from both MOG and Spotify, supposedly 320kb/s stream and was really disappointed in the sq, which leads me to believe that the classic is somewhat crippled in its ability to play back sources at this bitrate? I can't imagine this being the case.

Are there alternatives with as much community support (and wealth of streaming options) to the Logitech Squeezebox?

Thanks in advance.
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If you are connected to the Denon with coax i.e. digital I doubt very seriously that updating to another streamer will make a difference. Playing a 320kb/s stream is a walk in the park for any streamer even the Classic SB. I have two Classics, two Duets and one Touch, for internet streaming they all sound the same. Now with lossless sources you might be able to hear a difference with the Touch especially if you use the analog outputs or a 24/96 source.

Might want to check your net connection too. In other words I don't think it is the SB but rather the source. Have you had a chance to fire up the server and listen to lossless yet?
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