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Can Dalite HP 2.8 scratch be "fixed"?

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So, since I am a total idiot, I have managed to scratch the Dalite screen I want to sell. I got it off the wall and was inspecting it closely to find any imperfections to note in an ad and get pictures of, and I found a very tiny brownish dot.. about the size of a pinhead I guess. Well i tried to see if it would scratch off, and I guess I suceeded in scratching off the dot, and the gain of the screen in that spot. So now when I shine a flashlight on it that little spot looks dark. Is there anyway to repair this? Touchup paint?
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Once you scratch off the coating, I don't think there is anything that you can do. I will check with Da-Lite to confirm.

Can't be repaired,
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Thanks. Yean I got Dalite on the phone just now and they said there is really nothing I can do. Oh well.
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How big/small is the affected area? And just out of curiosity, whereabouts are you located? I'm looking to upgrade from my 16:9 92" Da-Lite Model B High Power 2.8.
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Here is a shot with a LED flashlight on it to make it as big of a difference as possible. I am in Nashville.
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Yeah that sucks! I wonder how these spots even got there... its not a rollup screen where a bug could get squished... who knows....
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Did he say his screen wasn't a rollup? My 2.8 High Power is.
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I feel your pain. I scratched my screen moving it from one room to another and then on top of it I tried to "lightly" wipe off a smudge I saw and ultimately it all showed when the projector light hit it so I cut my 120" screen down to 100" as a temporary fix until I can get a new screen. Then I find out the 2.8 is no longer available..kinda out of the frying pan into the fire..so I'll probably go 2.4 here real soon.
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That's the downside to the High Power, you get a scratch on it and it stands out like dogs balls and there is really nothing you can do about it. I have 4 scratches down the right side near the framing and I have no idea how they got there. The first one appeared shortly after I installed it and I just assumed that I did it during the install but never noticed immediately but 3 more scratches have turned up recently for no apparent reason. I do have a few mice in the house but I find it hard to believe they're responsible because they're so small. Maybe a rat I don't know about, who knows. Luckily the scratches are near the framing so it don't notice them too much during a movie but if I get one in the middle I won't be happy.
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