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Upscaling and RGB Conversion

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I've already read a similar thread
but still have a few more questions to ask and seek clarification

I'm about to go about DIY calibrating (with i1Display2 and HCFR) my older Panasonic Plasma PZ800 which is fed either by a Denon DVD2930 (1080p upscaling) or Beyonwiz PVR (1080i upscaling) both via HDMI.
using a SD DVD and it's ISO file for the two players respectively

from what i can gather i should be using the .709 colourspace option in the HCFR software as the upscale should twist the colourspace.

However, am i correct in assuming that the YCbCr signals are then decoded into RGB format in the Panel.?

If so, my DVD player does have the option to output the RGB signal directly.
In this case am i better off leaving the DVD player to do all the processing (It's processing chip does a much better job of upscaling than the panel does) so i would assume it would do better colour-wise aswell.
Then, in this case does it matter what colourspace I select in the software?

thanks in advance.
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709 is the gamut you want for consumer displays inputting BD and HDTV signals. Displays will often handle one input format as well or better than others but they all, in the end, convert to RGB in the final process with the possible exception of Sharp Quatron. Sending RGB to the display may or not be correct for that display and patterns must be examined to make that determination.

Sotti, Huffman, et al know this stuff intimately.
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yeah, was hoping one of the guru's would be able to shed some light.
Considering all of them have calibrated a PZ800 in the past.
Just the upscaling that's confusing things.
Although colour space is not needed for greyscale, and my Panel has a very limited CMS as far as Gamut controls go, but i'd like to be able to see how far off it is and how close i can get it.
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You rarely would want to send RGB from a disc player because almost all TVs will convert RGB to YCbCr to process the color then convert back to RGB just before the image is displayed. So sending RGB would cause 2 extra format conversions.

However, rare TVs look better when you send RGB and even rare-er these days are TVs that DO NOT convert RGB sources to YCbCr for processing (you can tell if your TV does NOT convert RGB inputs if the color and tint controls are disabled when you send RGB to the TV... if they are disabled, the TV does not process RGB at all in the TV other than brighter/darker changes.
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Buzz, Doug.
thanks for clearing all of that up.
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