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problem with roku device

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I turn off my computer/router etc at times because of being out of town.
When I come back I turn on everything and when I turn on the tv and switch to the roku I get a green screen. Sometimes I can hit the buttons on the remote and hear audio but nothing clears it up until I unplug the device and plug it back in, goes thru the reboot stuff then its fine.

Is there any way to change settings or something to keep this from happening?
I can't understand where or what is causing the green screen.

ps I have emailed roku 2 times and NOTHING
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I had this problem. Unplugging and plugging back my hdmi connection would take care of it for a while. I bought a new hdmi cable (from monoprice.com) and I no longer have the problem.
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Google "Roku Forum", they have a large message board where you may find some answers.
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I had that problem with the original Roku, which was due to HDCP handshaking. This was on a brand new Sony tv. Ended up going with Component, until I got one of the newer boxes, and then the problem went away.

It has nothing to do with powering off all of the networking equipment. Now on the other hand, if you have a catv set top, it can cause it to go into a secure mode, which means that you would have to call the catv to push a signal through to unlock it again, so that you can use it.
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thanks for all the information.
first I am going to try another hdmi cable.
I have 4 or 5 lying around so I have no problems trying them.

I think what got me was hitting up down and menu etc on the remove made a beep in the tv speakers and sometimes I would hear the audio playing from a show but still a green screen.
I never thought about hdmi handshake or anything else like that.

don't want to buy another roku.
HEll after the price increased on netflix they should ship me a free one LOL
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changed out the HDMI cable and its fine now.
thanks for the tip.

used a monoprice one
I guess I should have gone to worstbuy and got a $100 cable to be sure lol
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