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Problems Playing 3D Content On The PC. Any Ideas?

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Hello, I have an mkv 3D full SBS (3840 x 1080 resolution) video sample file that I've tried playing on my PC and it is not running smoothly at all on PowerDVD12. I have a Intel G530 CPU which has an integrated GPU on it which is capable of playing back 3D. When I play this sample file in the famous program called VLC player it runs perfectly smooth. But if I try playing this file in PowerDVD12 the framerate is incredibly slow and sometimes I get even Macroblocking pixels too. What's the deal with this? Can I do anything to make this work? I figure others here might have a solution. Since it plays fine in VLC player I'm confused. But VLC player can't take the two frames and combine them like PowerDVD12.

Also perhaps you could answer this too. Why is it that this video file has HUGE black bars above and below the video?
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*posting for reference mark*
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Tried disabling hardware support on Pdvd?
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I have power dvd too and for any 3d it can't do crap. All it does is studder so bad that my reciever actually cuts in and out. I know something has got to be wrong somewhere. I know my computer is more than powerful enough to handle the 3d. I have two nvidia 285 cards running in sli with a quad core intel processor with 64 bit win 7 and 6 gig of ram. So what gives? I have a ps3 that works so why won't this? Any help would be appreciated
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I've come to the conclusion that the G530 is not powerful enough to handle 3D at anywhere near an acceptable framerate. I just bought a new Radeon HD 6670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 graphics card that should be coming in a few days. That should solve this problem. I'll use hardware acceleration on this new graphics card and that should take all of the load off the CPU. For some reason the G530's hardware acceleration was not working correctly or if it was it just wasn't powerful enough to handle that resolution and my CPU had to be used... and all 100% of it was being used and it couldn't handle the video.

So I'm hoping this graphics card solves this issue and future proofs me for some time. The point of me picking that G530 graphics card was because it was supposed to be able to handle 3D video and I WOULDN'T have to buy a graphics card (also lower power consumption and heat). I guess that's all out the window!

Also, I'm following this guide for the best movie watching experience on the PC. Check this guide out if you are interested: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1357375 I'm hoping when my graphics card comes that this guide will allow for some great looking movies being streamed over my network!
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