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Panasonic PT61-LCX65 question

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Hopefully someone can help me out. I have a Panasonic PT61-LCX65. I bought this tv cheap because of the "color blob" problem these (and other panasonics) have. I had been searching for awhile to find the eeprom correction tool (LSUQ0100) for this, but could not find it, so continued to use it as a gaming tv.

About 2 years ago, the bulb went out and I replaced it with a bulb from ebay, and it was back to normal. (working, but with color blobs) About 6 months after replacing the bulb, I started to notice tiny blue dots appearing on the screen. These dots are about the size of a pinhead, and I figured it was the eeprom problem getting worse. Long story short (too late) I just acquired the LSUQ0100 and fixed the color blob problem, however the blue dots are still there.

So today, armed with the service manual, I decided to take apart the tv to see if it was maybe dust on the blue side of things in the optical engine. However, when I removed the bulb, I noticed tiny little pit marks all over the reflector portion of the bulb, and the backing behind this reflector is blue. I also noticed on the bottom portion of the actual glass tube inside the bulb, a small heat bubble that itself looks like tiny air bubbles.

I guess what Im getting at here, does anyone know if a heat damaged bulb that still works will cause this blue dot issue? Using logic, it would seem that the bulb is the culprit, but maybe not. Anyone know or have any ideas?

thanks in advance

btw...to clarify..this is entirely different from the "color blob issue" I have actually fixed that and all "color blobs" are completely gone.
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Well, it was not the bulb. Ends up it is the blue lcd failing. Ive got the light engine completely apart, and the blue lcd off, and already found a replacement.

The blue polarizer looks ok, but Im wondering if I should replace it anyway, as from my research, seems they go out about as often as the blue lcd.

Also, noticed some defects in the red and green field lenses, but didnt notice any problems with those colors when the set was on, should I replace them?

Any advice? Anyone still deal with these sets anymore? Anyone out there with light engine experience? (from any tv?) Bueller?

(btw, Ive considered doing a light engine rebuild write up, but if no one really messes with them, I guess there is no point)
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Well, I lucked out big time. I found a Pt52LCX35 on craigslist for $20 that needed a new bulb and had some big scratches on the outer screen, but the image was good. Bought it hoping to use its optical block, but I discovered the lcds where different and not compatible with my lcd driver board. Decided to use the pt52lcx35 driver board, connected its lcd prizm block to the pt61lcx65 output lens, installed everything, and it worked! No more stuck blue pixels!

Ive attached some pics to show:

1-before pic
2-pt52lcx35 lcd prizm block connected to pt52lcx36 lcd driver board on pt61lcx65 light engine
3-tv fixed..bad pick (way to close, and i dont have the steadiest hands, but trust me, it looks good)
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Where did you get the EEPROM tool?
I have the same problem with my Panasonic PT-52LCX65.
Probably needs light engine or at least blue lcd.....but has the color blobs also.
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