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Port Glass for 4K Barco

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What would be the best choice for port glass for a 4K projector?

Does if have to be of any higher quality than port glass typically used for 2K projectors? Any special coatings?

I would love some recommendations of what to use and where to buy!

I desperately need some glass to help muffle the sound from my hair dryer, whoops I mean projector!

Sounds about the same. LOL
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dont use a port glass there are many ways to get around.
you can red in old thread from me the one with the 4k dlp.....
if you deside to use one try before you put it fix inside a test pattern in 4k measure
the cr. and ansi cr. and than deside to put it inside or not and take a look with your eye.
than you can deside if you like it or not.
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