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Need help in deciding av receiver and speaker

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Hi guys,
I am a newbie at this section. I am trying to complete media room (no windows) for my house (12' x 16'). I have the media room pre wired for 8 speakers and projector is also pre-wired. I have decided to buy the following items:

1) Projector - Panasonic PT - AR 100ULCD
2) Projector screen - either FAVI16:9 / 100 inch fixed frame or Elitech 110 (16:9) Fixed frame

Now comes the real dilemma. I want to have a 7.1 system. So I have following 3 options:

OPTION # 1 - Onkyo HT-S8409 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver/Speaker Package - HTIB about $ 700
OPTION # 2 - Denon Receiver - either AVR 1712 or AVR 2213.
I have no clue what speaker system to buy with those. I have heard names of jammos, energy, pioneer, etc but I am completely lost as to which speaker system to buy.
Should I but all 7 speakers and sub woofer from different brands or what?

Please help me!!!!!

P.S. I am getting ready for football season so I have given myself 3 months to put everything together. My budget for home theater system is ranging from 800 - 1800 (receiver + speakers + sub woofer). I will be watching football games and movies. I do not care about internet radio at all. I would not mind spending time putting the system together. I am concerned about only 2 things - reliability (system should not have issues) and sound (loud as heckshould blow the roof away..if wife allows it.)
If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know about any changes I should make to make the system sound better. All suggestions are welcome.
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Speakers and Sub are your most important so get out and listen to as many as possible. Some ID companies, like Aperion, will pay to ship speakers both ways if you decide to return them. Other ID brands worth a look include NHT, Ascend, Axiom, Emotiva. I would spend 70-80% of your budget on speakers and a sub and the rest of the receiver and wires from Monoprice. Some sub brands to look at include Epik, SVS, HSU, Rythmik, and Elemental Designs to name a few. And no, your speakers and sub don't have to be the same brand. It's most important that your 3 front speakers match.
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Thanks for the info. Can anyone suggest a typical system like which brand and model number to go with denon? Also should I look into yamaha vs denon receivers?
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Anything will go with the Denon. You do not need to match speaker brand to the receiver brand despite what some folks will tell you. Finding the speaker that sounds best to you is really the key and then ensuring the receiver you choose has the features you want and enough power to drive those speakers.
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Your budget is tight. There are some good designs in the DIY section that can blow the roof off (very efficient) and have good reviews from those that have built them.
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I will offer a couple of subs I would consider for that room. The Epik Legend or Rythmik FV15. They both go for around $500. Spend another maybe $700-$800 for the satellites, about $50 for cables at most, and $300-$400 on the receiver. I like the Denon line of receivers myself. $700-$800 isn't that much for 5 speakers, but there are definitely options out there.
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I am pretty much set to buy denon 2213 or 1712. But I cant for life of me figure out the speakers to buy?

I am thinking front speakers (towers) can be Pioneer - 5-1/4" 3-Way Floor Speakers (Pair) - Black
But have no clue what other 5 speakers and which sub woofer to buy?
I have read comments about jammos and energy and polk. But I donot know if these 2 towers can work with those speakers.
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If you don't need the features of the 2312, I would get the 1712 and put the difference towards your speaker and sub budget. I did mention a couple of subs worth looking at above. Speakers are trickier as everyone has different taste. You really have to get out and listen as only your ears will tell you what you like.
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I really appreciate the response coming down so fast. Thanks for that.

I am not really worried about the clarity of the sound.

It should be very loud and when watching movies like braveheart or gladiator, i should feel that horses are galloping right outside my media room.

What do you guys think about the projector I have selected. Any negative feedback on that ?
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If you want to feel the horses galloping, I like sub woofers that are 12 or 15 inches. 12 inch sub woofers have a good punch to the bass. 15 you feel it vibrating from the movie.
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Since you've gone through the trouble of putting together a dedicated room, why not max out your budget at $1,800 and put $1,200 to speakers and $600 to an AVR. Some possible combinations (of many) are a Yamaha RX-A710 or Denon AVR 2312CI (on sale currently) and any set of $1,200 speakers from Def Tech, Energy or PSB. Enjoy!
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Wanting your new system to be "loud as heck" without a concern for sound clarity, are you sure?
Anyway a few thoughts:
Would you consider a used receiver?
Are able to increase your budget?
Highly efficient speakers require less power to play "loud"
Hold off on your purchase for a few month to save some $ and still be ready for FB
Some good advice has been posted to your original post, keep asking questions and good luck in your pursuit.
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Thanks for the input from everyone. So i have pretty much decided on denon 2312. Its about $ 600. One gentleman suggested to get sub woofer of 15". I will probably get EPIK.
Speakers.......thats where I am stuck now. I have increased the budget of speakers to about $ 1000.
Please offer suggestions as to the make and model. I know al the brands i.e high def, polk, energy, boston accoustics, etc. But I do not know which model to choose from for the following:

Towers (2)
Center (1)
Side Speakers (2)
Back Spaeakers (2)
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Just a thought. Keep everything in one post. You have four going with the same content.
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