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Hi Everyone -

I'm new here. Sorry for posting similar questions in other groups, just desperately trying to get answers.

I'm more into video quality than audio, but definitely would like a decent audio system for my home theater set-up. I also want to declutter, so in-wall is appealing to me. The dimensions of my home theater room are 14wx16Lx11h.

Can i install in-ceiling rear speakers 11ft up (assuming my sofa/seating is pretty much against the back wall of the room)?

At what level on the wall should the in-wall center, left & right channels go? How about the surrounds - can they go in the ceiling 11ft up or should they be installed lower down on the wall?

I am planning on buying the following and would love thoughts/advice.

Sound System:
7.2 AV Tuner: Pioneer VSX-1122-K 7.2

Speakers - OPTION 1 - IN WALL, New Acoustic Audio Speakers (sold on amazon & other sites - this one just happens to provide more info & has the best deal)

Speakers - OPTION 2

Also looking at the Bose stuff
Acoustimass 10 (but only 5.1 system)
Virtually InvisibleĀ® 191 in-wall speakers (not sure if this is even appropriate for a home theater)
Virtually InvisibleĀ® 191 in-ceiling speakers

Just for background information, I'm thinking of getting either an Optoma HD33, Panasonic AE7000U or an Epson 5015 - all 3d projectors. with a 120" diagonal tensioned screen

I plan to use the home theater 25% for HD/3D movies and 50% for streaming/downloaded TV/movies (HD when possible), and 15% for computer/mac/etc, and 10% for Xbox, karaoke system, etc.

Thanks! Your timely help is much appreciated. I'm trying to buy stuff this week so I can get the job done before my wife's parents, sister and kids arrive for a family reunion next month.