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looking for recommendation on current player / streamers.
I thought patriot box office was the solution, but you can't buy it from amazon?? Looking for a media streamer:

1. ethernet port -wired cat 6 / gig available, (don't need wireless)
2. hdmi and rca stereo audio output
3. important: can stream from NAS (networked file share aka netgear readynas ), without any computer turned on.
4. can play variety of audio and video formats.
5. remote control app??? (see below)
6. don't need on board storage.

I am replacing a cinema tube which was (better than) OK, but now reboots constantly and has network problems.
I do have a roku and playstation 3.

I LOVE to play audio, all sorts of mp3 / flac / wma / whatever. I love the ability to queue up music for hours and just turn off the video as it plays. would like to have a sexy gui interface for it.
Would love the idea of a android remote control app (so I don't have to turn on the tv to change music - i may be in another part of the house and want to change what's playing).

am I better off just building a HTPC??