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New HTPC build... a few issues... please help (Media Center related).

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Hi everyone,

I just built my first HTPC to replace an HP 3100n Slimline that stopped outputting video. My new PC consists of the following:

ECM H61H2-M2 Motherboard
Intel Celeron G530 Processor
8 GB Patriot G2 DDR3 Ram
Windows 7 x64
In Win BK644 Case w/ 300 watt PS

I have my TV hoooked up directly to the motherboard via HDMI cable, and then an RCA out from the TV to my Pioneer AV Receiver. I'm using an HD Homerun Prime with a cable card. I use Media Center essentially as my cable box and DVR as my primary method for watching TV.

I got everything up and running last night but I'm having the following problems that I can't seem to resolve:

1.) The sound does not work on wake up if I put the computer to sleep while Media Center is playing live TV. I have a Harmony remote, which works pretty well except I can't just turn everything off while watching live TV, becuase if I do, when the computer wakes up, I have no sound. The volume bar on the icon in the system tray shows volume coming out, but nothing comes out of the speakers. I have to close Media Center and restart it to get the sound working again.

2.) My channel listings in Media Center are sometimes wrong. It usually only happens on non-premium pay channels, like MTV and A&E. The weird thing is that when I have a wrong listing, the listing is actually different than what is shown on the Zap2it website. For example, last night Punk'd was on MTV, but my guide showed 16 and Pregnant. I went on the Zap2it website and Zap2it showed Punk'd. I have Comcast, and there were two options for my zip code when I set up Media Center. I tried both and both had the wrong listing, but both showed the correct listing on the Zap2it website.

Can anyone help me? Especially the first issue? I need this thing to work more like a cable box (i.e., no weird issues) in order for it to be wife-approved.


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I'm not sure if you are going to get HDMI audio to the TV and analog RCA audio to the AVR at the same time. Why not HDMI to the AVR or at least Optical?
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The problem is my reciever is too old and doesn't have HDMI inputs and my TV doesn't have an optical output. I don't think that's the problem though becuase I have this issue even if the TV is left on while the computer is put to sleep and then wakes back up.

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Issue #1
- Could be an HDMI handshake issue. test to see if the sound even makes it back to your TV. If not, the RCA cables to your receiver aren't the issue - it's the wake up and re-handshake that is. Solution could be a number of things: firmware update, BIOS update, or worst case, crummy HDMI compatibility (It's been known to happen with certain TV's / Mobo's).
- Check the soundcard settings. There might be toggles that "simplify" the audio.
- If all else fails, reprogram the harmony to not power off the MC, and keep it running 24/7. That's what I do, as I too had sleep / wake issues that seriously lowered the WAF rating.

Issue 2
- Hmm, my only suggestion is to try the other comcast channel lineup again. IIRC, the guide takes a while to populate, so once you switch, allow a few hours to pass before you write it off as incorrect.
- If still wrong, I believe you can contact MSFT or Zap2It with a support ticket.

Good luck. I setup my HTPC last July, and to this day still encounter bugs or make tweaks almost weekly. Some bigger than others, and some from implementing new features. Point is, for better or worse, WMC is never just 'set'. But that's all part of the fun, isn't it.
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It's part of the fun for me... not so much for my wife

Your response reminded me that I never updated by BIOS, so maybe I'll give that a shot and see how it goes.

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In case anyone else is having this problem, MCE Standby Tool seems to have resolved it. There's a setting in MCE Standby Tool that allows you to automatically close Media Center when going to sleep, and automatically restart it when waking. That seems to work.

Still no resolution of on the guide listings issue, but that's something I can live with.

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I did something similar. I just added an option to my Harmony remote's activity that sends a close command to WMC when I switch from the activity and sends a command to open WMC whenever I start the activity again.
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Which Harmony?

Is that a macro command?
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I have a Harmony 880 but I'm sure you can do the same thing with any of the higher models as well. Just select the option to add a command to the activity and then just set it to have the remote send the command (green button on my MCE remote) to start WMC when you begin the activity and send the close command when you exit the activity.
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Okay. I have an 880 and a 900 which is currently being used. What is the close command? Not the same as the green button command, I presume?
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I have this remote: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...ls_o02_s01_i01 which has a close button in the lower left of the remote. I believe it sends the Alt + F4 command. If you have an MCE remote set up in your Harmony remote, there should be a close command you can select and have the remote send that when it exits the activity.
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Originally Posted by Sammy2 View Post

Okay. I have an 880 and a 900 which is currently being used. What is the close command? Not the same as the green button command, I presume?

If you set up the Harmony using the WMC SE codes from here http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Harmon...ur/td-p/374844

There will be a alt+f4 / close command.
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I did use the Harmony WMC SE setup in assassin's guide. I think it is the same as in that link. I'll take a look.
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