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Fukuoka Custom Car Show 2012 *Out Now*

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After numerous months of hard day and night work, I am proud to present the Fukuoka Custom Car Show 2012 3D.
Filmed in Yahoo Dome Fukuoka Japan, the Fukuoka Car Show is held every year and is the place to check out custom pimped out cars with body kits, amazing paint jobs and killer sound systems.

The film features numerous custom cars such as 2012 Camaros, Lamborghini's, Ferrari, Hummers and much more all in high quality 24p 1080p 3D. It also features a killer soundtrack mixed with English and Japanese music and fully narrated with info about each company and their cars in 5.1 surround sound.

As a bonus I have included footage of the Blazin 3D Roadster, using my new extreme 3D "as I call it" which gives amazing depth to make it feel as though you are really there. Also I have included the "Dream Dancers" 2 hot Japanese girls dancing at the show.
And some footage of my coming soon movies, the Fukuoka Motor Show 3D and the movie I am working on next called Huis Ten Bosch 3D.

The Huis Ten Bosch preview features my extreme 3D as well showing off some amazing depth.

The 2012 case cover is printed on high quality photo paper and looks amazing in person, very shiny!

The movie is available at www.blazin3D.com

I have included 2 Youtube 3D samples of the movie here, "keep in mind Youtube lowers the quality"

This is the intro video of the movie showing off a company called Possible and their cars.

This is a small sample of another company called Liberty Walk and their Lamborghini, LamboMini and other cars of theirs.

Here is also a small preview of Huis Ten Bosch, which is included as a bonus on the disc in full 24p 1080p quality (looks beautiful in full quality with amazing depth)

Since this one is 100 times better than my first 2011 version, I have removed the 2011 movie off my site and replaced it with this.
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I just got this movie and watched it. WOW it was good, this guys movies are always great. The 3D was good and at the end it had some dang good depth. The Huis Ten Bosch preview was indeed epic! I forsure will buy it also.
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I am sorry, but I am a little skeptical about this "review". The "fmiller04" poster only has three contributions to these forums, each one raving about a Bravia3D movie. Here are the other two posts of 'fmiller04':

10/22/11: reply to 'Hirado 3D'

"The 3D on this was really good. I liked the park scene and bubbles. The narration was perfect, had so much information on each church and scenery. Another must buy, don't think because this guy makes these himself that they aren't."

9/8/11: reply to: 'Marine World 3D *Out Now*'

"I just got this movie yesterday, a 9 outa 10 the popout was amazing and this was really cool!!!"

No other posts. None.

Maybe I am little cynical, so how about, fmiller04, you tell us a little about yourself, and maybe some comments on some other 3D videos or movies. And forgive me if I am too cynical.
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You have every right to be, I usually just lurk on the forum reading what other users have posted and don't post myself. I am from St Louis and got an LG 55lw5600 that I truly enjoy daily. I comment about Bravias movies because I read his post long ago about the first Fukuoka Car movie and how he was giving the profits to the Japan earthquake victims. It was a very noble thing he was doing. So I bought the movie not thinking it would be that good, but surprisingly it was not bad. So I bought Marine World after and Bravia was kind enough to send me Hirado free of charge because I made the post about Marine World. Which I really enjoyed those movies as well and noticed that with each movie they just got better and better. I asked him when he has new
movies coming out to contact me because I love them and can't get enough 3D content.
So when he made the post above about the 2012 Car Show, I didn't hesitate to buy it as I knew it would be good.
And kudos to Bravia because the 2012 Car Show for me was like watching an IMAX movie full of great info. I love cars, and the movie is full of American & Japanese rides that have been customized and Bravia narrated the whole movie giving full details of what the companies did to the cars. The soundtrack is mixed with English and Japanese music and really flows well with the movie.
I said it before and I'll say it again, just because this guy goes out filming things on his own and makes these movies at his house doesn't mean they aren't good. This is why I comment on his movies, I can tell by watching them he takes his time and pours his heart into them, I respect that. I don't feel the need to comment on other 3D movies, you can find reviews for those all over the internet. However, Bravia's movies aren't those big blockbuster hits and well... Someone needs to say something of them because they are GOOD.
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Hey miller!biggrin.gif Glad you enjoyed this one also! You were the first to buy it not even 3 hours after I posted it:eek: And thanx for the nice reviews, I am glad someone enjoys my movies. When my Huis Ten Bosch 3D movie is done this summer I'll send you a copy half price since your such a good customer to deal with and always write nice reviews after you watch my movies.

I plan on filming the new Tokyo Sky Tree in the future, and have some great ideas to get good 3D outa it.
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fmiller04: I very much appreciate the response and I am no longer skeptical about the review. bravia3D: Giving discounts to people who give positive reviews does affect impartiality.
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That is true, however I feel if someone takes time outa their life just to review my movies, a few discounts here and there don't hurt any. With others posting such reviews, it helps my movies get known.

By the way, many of the smilies on the forum aren't showing up anymore!!
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Excuse me? If someone wants to review, or make comments about my movies that is their right. I don't say "hey you bought it now post a review" That is their choice.
What is so goofy about someone posting their opinion about a topic here?
I have had customers over at the Bluray forums buy movies from me and then post reviews to let others know, that is their choice and frankly I am happy they do. It's no different then someone buying a movie from Best Buy or Amazon and then wanting to review it.

"Your syntax and sentence structure gives it away immediately."

Are you trying to imply that Miller is simply me commenting on my own movie with another username?!
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Yes, I was. I apologize if I made a bad assumption. I'll just stay out of this thread.
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No, it's fine. Everyone has the right to their feelings. Sorry you feel that way though, but we aren't the same person. If you truly feel that way perhaps you can ask a moderator to check. But I can assure I'm not using another ID just to praise my movies, that would be quite goofy. Not to mention mods could easily figure that out due to my computers IP address "it would show the same location and then I'd look pretty stupid"
Having owned my own forum before, I know most forums allow mods to see your IP and location.

Also, if you look back at older post such as Marine World 3D, other users "not just Miller" made some good reviews of my movies. I have taken some of the things they said, such as lacking depth or music not going with the movie well and fixed it in my newer movies.
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You're right--that would be silly. Sorry I misjudged.

I have watched a few YouTube clips of your past movies, and the 3D looked great with strong parallax and well-edited video content.
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i have all of his movies except one. and that is the first one he put out. each one he put out got better. here is my take on this movie. the depth was great the best yet. the music was spot on. the details of the cars was fantastic. i no that there is a lot of time put in this movie. i no he listens to peoples comments and does his best to satisfy everybody's needs. and i love the way he is helping out the earthquake victoms. way cool. can`t wait for your next one this summer. i no it will be even better. and by the way bravia you have a beautiful country. some day i would love to come and see it. when i can afford it. thanks again. p.s are you still going to do a movie on the zoo like you showed highlights in marine would?
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It's alright orange, after reading Millers post again I can kinda see how he used some of the same things I said! Thanks for the compliment I try my best smile.gif

And thank you steelers, the zoo movie is on hold for awhile until I can get some better footage. I have some great shots. but want even better.

After I make Huis Ten Bosch I'm either gonna work on my Aso 3D volcano movie. Or film the new Tokyo Sky Tree tower and make that.
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It's been more than one month since I ordered the Fukuoka Car Show, and I have'nt got an update. I am getting kinda antsy. Could it be that there is a backlog of orders ahead of me?

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Hi Rolando, had sent you an email about 2 weeks ago. We had sent it out long ago but it came back to us. Japan postal wasn't sure why it came back.. So I had wrote you and we re-wrapped it and sent it back out. I am hoping this time it arrives with no problems for you. Though we are backed up with so many cushion pad orders, we are shipping all movies as fast as we can.
If by chance something goe's wrong, please contact me and I will do my very best to help out smile.gif

Hope you enjoy the movie!

I'm working on my next movie which features "micro 3D" flowers and bugs shot with a close-up micro lens
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Ok, the same day I wrote the email about not receiving it, it came in the mail. For the relatively short time that I saw the bluray, I was pretty impressed by the 3d depth and content. One thing I have to comment on - is the audio meant to be a little bit hot on the low end? My god, ok I have 2 Golden Ear Triton 2's, each w/ a powered sub, 2 Golden Ear Triton 3's, each w/ a powered sub also. A front GE (Golden Ear) Forcefield 4 sub, A Def Tech Supercube 2 for the front center crossovered to a GE SuperSat 50C, a left front Outlaw LFM-Plus sub, a right front Rythmik D15SE, and a rear GE Forcefield 4 sub surounds crossovered to a pair of GE SuperSat 3's. You might say I'm a bass freak, but I really got these babies dialed in and balanced with the highs and mids. But the sound tended to be on the hot side of bass on this bluray. Really.... all my walls sounded like it was about to take off !! But besides that, it's a well made material, and that I enjoyed the color, depth and content.cool.gif
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Glad you enjoyed it smile.gif

Yes, the audio "music" doe's have much bass, my system sounds pretty good but I guess on future movies I should lower it a bit.
I think this is the only movie where I played around with the audio channel settings.
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