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Does Anikun07 have other service menu settings? Because I had some other ones and then I searched and came up with these and I couldn't find the other ones I have initially used. So my results posted are with using the below settings

R-Cut 70 (-16 clicks from default)
G-Cut 67 (-25 clicks from default)
B-Cut 6E (-18 clicks from default)
R-Drv F4 (-11 clicks from default)
G-Drv FF (Unchanged)(My default was EB so I tried it at that but got better results when changing it to FF, but supposedly I am not suppose to change it if using the click method since he didn't change this setting)
B-Drv 97 (+23 clicks from default)

Contrast: 81
Brightness: 66(Anikun said he has his at 48 but at that setting the black levels on my TV were way off)
Color: 47

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Factory service menu settings and results

R 80
G 80
B 80
B 7D

Contrast: 81
Brightness: 51
Color: 47

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I use anikun's calibrated settings on my 50 and 60 u54 my contrast is at 90 bright at 60 and color at 49, looks great everything pops
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My U50 went tits up tonight. Got the 8 blinks of death from the red LED. It was only 15 months old and was bought to replace a 2008 Panasonic plasma (don't remember the model) that stopped working as well. I'm officially done with Panasonic but in the mean time, I need to figure out what's wrong with this one.
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Supposedly Walmart is selling the 60U50 for $628 in store. Has anyone actually seen these? I have no idea why they would all of a sudden be selling a year old model.


A few posts about it here...

I've considered buying a 60" LG plasma for $600, but if they are actually selling these Pannys I'll have to go check it out. Black levels are around .005fL on these right?

Edit: CNET says .0031fL
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Bump to see if anyone has seen one in the wild.
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